What Are You Reading: Lord of the Rings Edition

Time for another post for What Are You Reading, hosted by Book Journey.  I have been reading…a lot of Lord of the Rings.

On my last WAYR post, I was about to attempt The Fellowship of the Ring.  I am happy to report I finished that one, and didn’t find it nearly as difficult to get through as I feared.  I didn’t madly love it–but it was a good time.  Posted my review here.  I read a few other books, but pretty quickly went on to The Two Towers.  Have to keep the momentum up, now that I’ve begun!

P1020482I have a few books lined up for after The Two Towers.  I’m thinking Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier next, then The Master of Heathcrest Hall by Galen Beckett to finish the Mrs. Quent trilogy, and then The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley, since I just reread The Blue Sword, the companion book (review here).  And then–on to Return of the King!

So I’m actually reading a fair bit that isn’t Lord of the Rings…but Tolkien looms rather large.  All three books have been these big icons in my reading plans, and all the other books have been selected and viewed as fitting in around Lord of the Rings.

Can you tell that I sort of make a big deal out of these books?  But after having them loom at me for ten years, it is a big deal to finally read them! 🙂

What are you reading this week?

13 thoughts on “What Are You Reading: Lord of the Rings Edition

  1. I didn’t tackle the LOTR books for the first time until after the films and the first time I tried to read Fellowship I ended up feeling bogged down and ended up putting it aside and starting with The Two Towers and Return of the King, both of which I loved. A few years back I participated in a LOTR group read and the moment I opened Fellowship I was swept away. It was so weird to have such a different experience with the book that time.

    I find the books intensely beautiful and full of so much that I get something new out of them each time I read them.

    1. Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who took some time to get to reading these–though you still read them long before me! In some ways I think Tolkien’s writing may require a learning curve (I find Shakespeare the same way), that it takes some time to get into the groove of his style. Since you’d loved the 2nd and 3rd books, it makes sense to me that by then you’d have the experience with his writing to be able to get into the slower Fellowship too!

          1. Yes it is, but so worth it. It starts out as a very beautiful, if detailed, creation story and then becomes this historical epic, spanning across the various ages. Even if you are not interested in reading the whole thing, it is well worth snagging from the library to read the last part once you are done with Return of the King as it details more information about that period in Middle-earth history.

  2. ChrisB

    Read LOTR years ago, too many elves (as H Dyson might say 🙂 Much prefer S Donaldson, Jordan, Peter Brett for some grown up fantasy. And Le guins earthsea books. The Other Wind is maybe the most beautiful book i’ve ever read. Esp with it’s resolution of the afterlife ‘problems’ raised in the original trilogy. (hardly trivial stuff of course)

  3. Wow, I’m impressed your sailing through LOTR. Its the one series my hubby has read and I haven’t and we have the books but I haven’t committed to it. I’d like to though, put the Hobbit on my classics club list as the impetus to start it. Enjoy your reading this week!

  4. Good luck with the rest of The Lord of the Rings I’m glad you’re enjoying it though. I’ve recently been reading a real mix bag of genres and books. Most recently I’ve been reading up on the Tudors.

    1. The Master of Heathcrest Hall is fantasy, with a strong Austen feel to it…the inspiration for the trilogy was Pride and Prejudice, paired with Jane Eyre, with magic thrown in!

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