Saturday Snapshot: A Small Foray into Gardening

The weather is warming up, and I am attempting to grow things.  Tomatoes, in fact, because I eat a lot of tomatoes…and they seemed do-able.  I live in an apartment and the absolute only place to put plants is on the landing outside my second-story door.  So I went to the farmer’s market two weeks ago (this would have been last week’s post, but Mr. Crawford pre-empted it), and…here we are.

Tomato Plants

I didn’t have the slightest idea what kind of tomato plant to buy.  But the guy at the farmer’s market told me Sungolds are sweet, and I bought a Violet Jasper because, um, I liked the name…  So it’s all rather an experiment.  We’ll see how it goes!

If it goes well, you’ll be seeing more pictures.  And, of course, if it goes badly, we will never speak of this again…  But so far, I’m enjoying my (very) small foray into gardening!

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: A Small Foray into Gardening

  1. What an exciting adventure! One year I planted tomatoes, left for vacation, and returned to find a thicket of tomatoes. Another year my husband planted ones. They died. You never know what will happen with gardens. Have fun!

  2. I’m crossing my fingers for you. (And, if it doesn’t work this year, just try a different variety next year….just my two cents, from an experienced gardener!)

  3. I just attended a Master Gardener’s talk and he mentioned we have so few warm growing days in the Northwest that we have to get the early varieties. It is such a pity because homegrown tomatoes are the best and we just can’t get them to ripen before cold weather sets in.

  4. dianem57

    That’s very resourceful of you! There’s nothing like the taste of a home-grown tomato picked ripe off the vine. Good luck with your gardening adventure!

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