…and They All Lived Happily Ever After

Summer is starting, meaning all sorts of things, but also marking the end of the Once Upon a Time “challenge” for another year.  As always, I had loads of fun reading fantasy, and seeing what everyone else read.  I’m feeling particularly happy, because I managed to complete some long-standing goals…

Here’s a round-up of my reading and viewing for the season.  (R) designates a reread (not a rating!), and links go to reviews.

Total: 21 books, half reread and half new-to-me.  Since one of my goals for the year is to reread favorites, I’m calling that a win.  The big accomplishment, of course, was reading Lord of the Rings for the first time, and I’m very happy I got the extra push to finally do that!  Thank you to everyone who was so encouraging, and for all your great discussion as I read. 🙂

I had sort of hoped to make some progress on my fantasy-heavy TBR list and…well, that didn’t happen at all.  And instead I added to it, by looking at the great things other people were reading.  Ah well…what’s the summer for, after all?

Thank you everyone who came along for the quest!  And do stick around–the reading won’t be ending here!

7 thoughts on “…and They All Lived Happily Ever After

  1. Well done Cheryl! 21 is an amazing amount to have read. I’ve also posted my round-up post although I read quite a lot fewer. I finished 5 books, 2 of which though were slight long-term projects. I’m a little sad the project is over was just really getting into it. I am already looking forward to taking part next year 🙂

  2. Congratulations on completing some of your long-standing goals! ❤ I could have sworn OuaT was going to last for another month. I'm all sad now. And I'm thoroughly impressed with how much reading you got done. There are some pretty big chunksters on the list.

  3. Awww…its all over! Wild how quickly time flies. I didn’t get near the novel reading done I wanted to but read several fantasy short stories, so that was fun. And as always it has been fun to see what everyone else was reading. Looking forward to continuing the fantasy reading with The Dragon’s Path next month and am also looking forward to making some Summer Reading plans.

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