Saturday Snapshot: Botanical Gardens

Today, a few more pictures from my Vancouver trip.  These are from the botanical gardens, and if you’re ever going to Vancouver, I recommend it!  My camera battery died halfway through the gardens, but I managed a few pretty pictures…

Vancouver Garden (1) Vancouver Garden (2)Vancouver Garden (3)This hedge-maze labyrinth was amazing.  So much fun–big enough to feel like a challenge, but not so big that it got frustrating.  And it amuses me that there’s a “monkey puzzle tree” in the middle!

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Botanical Gardens

  1. The maze looks awesome. We went to the U.S. Botanical Garden in D.C. this summer. It was very cool, too, but I’m guessing very different and smaller. Almost all of it was indoors in a big greenhouse.

  2. Vancouver is such a beautiful place, I lived there for a year back in the 80s, but can’t remember if I went to the botanic gardens particularly. Nice pictures, the maze does look fun.

  3. I too have experienced the frustration of the dead battery on a garden tour. But you did get some nice shots, and that hedge is a delight. I’d love to see an aerial view.

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