So I Wrote a Novel…

Part of the revision process...
Part of the revision process…

If you’ve read my bio or happened on a Fiction Friday post, then you know that I write novels.  I finished final-final revisions of my most recent novel draft over the summer–and I’ve decided that I’m going to take the plunge and self-publish.

So today I’m announcing that this November I will be publishing The Wanderers in ebook and paperback.  And now that I’ve told all of you, I really have to do it!

I’m setting my goal for November to give myself plenty of time to work out all the details–it’s a bit more complicated then hitting “Publish” for a blog post!  And, of course, it also gives everyone time to tell their friends… 😉

The Wanderers is a Young Adult Fantasy novel about a wandering adventurer, a talking cat, and a witch’s daughter.  Monsters, fairies and princes abound, with the occasional familiar fairy tale element–with a twist.  If you enjoy the kind of books I read, I like to think you’ll also enjoy the book I wrote.

Mostly this is a head’s-up, just-letting-you-know kind of post.  I’ll be sharing a bit more about the publishing process as I go along through it–but don’t worry, I’ll tell you about the fun parts like cover design, not the dull things like getting an ISBN number!  I added a new page at the top of the blog that I’ll keep updated with novel news, including the first page.

So stick around…more to come soon!

20 thoughts on “So I Wrote a Novel…

  1. Eeee! Congratulations! <3<3<3 So exciting! (And it sounds like we'll probably be publishing at the same time if everything goes to plan. I'm not sure why this amuses me, but it does.)

    Looking forward to the book and following you on the journey! ❤

      1. A short story collection. ^-^ (So not everyone’s cup of tea, but all the same.) I posted a fair amount of writing for free reading when I was getting back into the swing of, uh, everything, and I’d always wanted to collect them together to make it easier for people to read them all, especially people who have trouble reading on a computer screen for whatever reason. I should be publishing the whole project around November/December and very maybe late October. Still working on some final touches (and, uh, two stories aren’t done yet. Shh. Don’t tell anyone…)

        1. How great! I’ve thought about doing a short story collection as a supplement to the novel(s), but I don’t have enough material yet… Can’t wait to see your collection. I’m figuring out my way through the process, so if I can help with anything, let me know! Or maybe you’ve published something before and know all about it, in which case I might ask you! 🙂

          1. Oooooooh… I hope you’ll get enough material eventually! I love companion pieces like that. They’re a great combination of options. ^-^ Do you know what venues you’ll be publishing on/from yet?

            I’ve published a few free short stories via Smashwords, but that’s been it. So I certainly have a lot to learn still. I haven’t even dared think about print copies yet. We could pelt questions at each other if we have them and see if we know the answer?

            1. Hehe, I like the image of pelting questions at each other! I haven’t tackled Smashwords yet, though I probably will. Right now I’ve been working on getting set up on CreateSpace so I can get a hardcopy proof to review. When I go “live” I plan to at least be on Kindle, Nook and CreateSpace for the paperback…and I’ll see what other platforms I can sort out!

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