Saturday Snapshot: Knitting Cables

I don’t plan to share every knitting project, but this one is particularly fun visually…  Now that I’m better at knitting and purling, I’m working on cables.  Most recently, I’ve tried knitting cable bracelets.

Knitting CablesI can still only knit rectangles, and it’s amazing what you can do with rectangles!  I watched this video for the pattern.  This is a pretty quick project, more complicated than a scarf but not TOO tough.  I have to actually keep track of rows and count a few stitches for this one, so it’s not as relaxing–but it keeps me from getting bored too!

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9 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Knitting Cables

  1. Such pretty colours. You’ll be ready for a cable jumper soon. I don’t think I’ve done any knitting since I was a kid. I’d like to find the time to try it again some day.

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