Saturday Snapshot: Christmas Church Decorations

I hope you had a wonderful holiday this past week!  Last Saturday I posted a photo of my Christmas decorations, and this Saturday I thought I’d share some decorations on a much larger scale…  My church has a brilliant and creative liturgist, and some very elaborate decorations.

I learned in Notre Dame that my camera doesn’t do well in large churches, even well-lit ones, but hopefully you can get some idea of the scene…

Christmas St. Francis 2013 (2)Trees and nativity scene (with extra seating) on the old altar at the front of the church

Christmas St. Francis 2013 (3)Closer view of the nativity–we’re a Franciscan parish, so the St. Francis statue gets prominent placement.  It’s appropriate too, since Francis began the tradition of creating nativity scenes.

Christmas St. Francis 2013 (5)This shows the Advent wreath, newly decorated in gold for Christmas, above the new altar, with the pews beyond.  It was much brighter in person…  I volunteered to help decorate this year, and it’s fun getting that wreath up!

Did you see any impressive Christmas decorations this year?

Visit West Metro Mommy for more Saturday Snapshots, and have a great week!

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