Blog Hop: Book Blogger Purist?

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Are you a book blogger purist? Do you only have book related posts or do you review/post on anything/everything that catches your eye?

I feel like if I was really a purist book blogger, I’d only post book reviews.  Which, obviously, I don’t!  On the other hand, I do try to keep to my general theme–which, as I think about it, may be less about books and more about stories.  I do movie and TV reviews, sometimes I post about songs, and I share my fiction writing at times, but the common thread is stories.

All my challenge posts relate to books and reading, and most of my blog event/meme posts do too–except for Saturday Snapshot, of course, but even that one I try to give a book spin when I can.  Or if it isn’t a book-related photo, I try to at least give a story to the photo I’m posting!

Your turn: book bloggers, do you consider yourself a purist in what you post?  Blog readers, do you like blogs to have laser-focus on their topic, or do you like more varied posts?

8 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Book Blogger Purist?

  1. As a blogger and reader I like variety. I don’t really mind if the blogger doesn’t stick to their theme or title and I’m like that too. Though I do blog a lot about books and related stuff I add other things too; like through memes, WIPs, stories, writing tips, giveaway hops, etc…

  2. I like more varied posts as long as they relate to the theme of the blog. I think you strike the right balance because, as you say, your common theme is stories. If you started writing about politics or your personal life or something else off-topic, I wouldn’t like it as well. I think you attract readers who are also interested in stories, not in other topics, so you would disappoint them if you went in all sorts of unrelated directions in your posts.

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