Tick-Tock…Buy The Wanderers on Smashwords NOW!

Wanderers 8 - Small CopyWhen The Wanderers came out last November, I wanted to make sure it was available in as many formats as possible.  After a little over six months (and with most ebook sales coming from Amazon), I’ve decided to enroll The Wanderers in the Kindle Select program.  The cool thing is that it will let me spread The Wanderers to a few more places, and to offer discounts or special days where the ebook is free!

The catch?  I have to pull the ebook from other sites, making it exclusive to Kindle.  So if you have any non-Kindle ereader and you’ve been procrastinating about getting a copy, NOW is the time to buy!  I’ll be pulling the ebook from the other sites on June 15th, so you have two weeks.

And to show I do still love you non-Kindle users 🙂 I’m offering a discount!  For the next two weeks, you can buy The Wanderers for $1.99 on Smashwords, one-third off the usual price.  Choose the format you want (Nook included) and enter the code XD94V at check-out!

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