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book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question is specifically about book blogging: As you grow in your blogging experience, have you become more particular in terms of what you will post on your blog or what books you will read for review on your blog?

If anything, I think I’ve become less particular!  I originally started with the intention of focusing largely on YA and/or Fantasy novels…and while I still do a lot of those genres, I’ve become more relaxed about blogging about whatever I’m reading and finding of interest.  I think part of it is about having more confidence as a blogger, that I feel comfortable exploring more areas outside of my original niche.

I still review mostly YA books (with the occasional fairly tame grown-up book), and I still review speculative fiction much more often than not.  But I also do occasional movie or TV reviews, and even wrote about songs or albums a few times.  I also get involved in more memes and discussion-type posts, though usually still with a book or reading focus.

I am still particular about quality…by which I mean both the books and the reviews.  I sometimes review books I hated (and tell you why), but I rarely review a book I just felt “meh” about, and I try never to review something unless I really have something to say!  And I’ve always been particular about accepting review copies–I only take books I genuinely want to read, because I don’t have time for books that don’t actually interest me (and I don’t think it’s really fair anyway, since I’m a poor audience for those!)

I’m curious if other bloggers have seen an evolution in what they cover!  Do you still review the same kinds of books you started with?  Have you grown more or less particular?

5 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Blog Standards

  1. Your observation that it’s about “having more confidence as a blogger” is spot on. No matter how much one plans before starting a blog — and I have to admit that I didn’t plan at ALL when I started my reading blog in 2002 — there’s still a lot we learn along the way.

    I have declared 2015 to be the “year of juvenile & teen fiction”. Although I will still read adult fiction which appeals to me, I am going to put a special focus on books aimed at mid-grade through teens. Consequently, I’m glad to cross paths with your blog — I’m sure I’ll find some excellent recommendations.

  2. Elsi

    It is interesting that our blogs change over time. While Elizabeth’s original question asked about becoming MORE particular (or picky) over time, it can become the case that we become less selective as our interests widen. I have declared 2015 to be “the year of juvenile & teen fiction” for my reading emphasis. I’ll be visiting your blog often for suggestions of good books to read.

  3. Jemima Pett

    I’m replying in similar vein on Monday. I like your blog, so it must be a bit of a crossover although I do more MG than YA. These questions do help me think about my blog and whether I’m writing it for me or for an audience, though 🙂

  4. dianem57

    I have noticed you review movies and sometimes music rather than just books, but your reviews remain interesting. I think, overall, though, you still mostly post reviews of the books you started out with. Your blog remains high quality and relevant to your original mission.

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