Fairyland Beckons…

oncetimenine400The first day of Spring is…either today or tomorrow, I never remember (and yeah, I’m sure Google knows, but where’s the fun in looking it up?)  Either way!  It’s been warm and sunny in my neighborhood for at least a week, the daffodils have been blooming for over a month, and the real point of all this is that Spring is here (or as good as) which means it’s time to turn towards fairy tales and fantasy for the annual Once Upon a Time “challenge.”

If you know this blog, it won’t surprise you that this is my favorite reading challenge. 🙂

I’ve decided to be unplanned this year, and let the books, magic and possibly pink sparkles fall where they will.  I have lots of fantasy books on my To Be Read list, and since I’m also aiming to do more rereading this year, I’ll see if I can rustle up any past-read fairy tale retellings too.  I’m curious to see if they read differently to me now, after the last five years or so of immersing myself in fairy tales so much more!

I only have two definite books on my list for this challenge, only because they’re the two I already picked up at the library:  Dearest by Alethea Kontis, third book in the Woodcutter Sisters series, which I’ve been holding onto waiting for this challenge to arrive.  And A Question of Magic by E.D. Baker, which has a really cool premise and I hope will change my mind about this author (because I wasn’t able to get into the previous two books I read…)

And beyond that…we shall see!

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