Blog Hop: Reading Daily

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Do you read every day? If so, do you have a “page goal?”

I absolutely read every day. I doubt there’s been a day in the last…10 years?…when I haven’t read for at least a few minutes. Honestly, I don’t know what people do with themselves if they don’t read (although I say that as someone who is perpetually too busy!) I read every morning before I get up—and every evening before I go to sleep—and generally for some time in between, like waiting in line, during breakfast, break time at work…

I don’t set any page goals (that would make it like work), although I do get a bit bothered if I notice I didn’t progress hardly at all in a day, and feel especially satisfied if I charged through a big chunk of reading.

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Reading Daily

  1. I read just before I go to sleep, usually for an hour, only occasionally into the wee small hours. If I’m on holiday, or on a long journey, or the weather’s horrible I may read during the day though it’s just as likely to be a newspaper or a magazine. (And, of course, I try to read blog posts like this as often as possible — though not as often as I would like!) In this way I’ve read about forty books this year for a Reading Challenge and a handful of books that don’t fit into any of the categories. Luckily I’m retired …

  2. dianem57

    I try to read a little bit before I start work in the morning and at lunch time, but sadly don’t have much time on the week-ends. Still, I’ve managed to read quite a few books in a year’s time with that reading schedule. Like saving money a little at a time, reading books a little at a time also adds up when I look back on it! It’s time I enjoy every day when I have it, and I miss it when something comes up so I don’t have it.

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