Blog Hop: To eBook or Not to eBook

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Do you read via eBook and if so which one(s) and why?

I suspect all my book-reading friends who know me off the internet have already heard the answer to this question…  I do not read ebooks.  I still hang onto my paper ones.  I very, very rarely read a book on my computer (usually beta-reading for a writer friend).

There are a few reasons I haven’t switched to an ereader.  The big one is that reading is my one major activity that doesn’t involve a screen.  I work at a computer for most of the day, and in off time I write novels and blog posts, then relax with television…  Socializing doesn’t involve screens, but my one solitary leisure activity that doesn’t require a screen is reading.  I’m not prepared to give that up!

Advocates of ereaders tell me that it’s not really like a computer screen…but it feels like one to me, when I’ve looked at other people’s devices.  People have also pointed out that they can carry 1,000+ books around with them.  But I don’t need a thousand books.  I carry one book, and the only time this question is really relevant is extended vacations, which only come up about once every two years.  Last argument?  Ebooks are cheaper than paper ones—but the library is free, and that’s where I get the vast majority of my reading material.

I’m not anti-ebooks for anyone else, but none of the arguments in favor have ever weighed much for me personally.  And paper books have a charm and a character and a warmth that no device will match!

6 thoughts on “Blog Hop: To eBook or Not to eBook

  1. I hadn’t thought about it being the only daily activity not requiring a screen. You’re absolutely right. I’m often disturbed about how much time I spend sitting in front a screen, mostly a computer, because I work on a computer all day then come home and chill on the Internet. Sometimes you just gotta’ get away from that!

  2. dianem57

    I like both. For me, e-books are more convenient. I read a lot of books that I used to buy and then give away to places like Goodwill. Now I buy them for MUCH less money on my e-reader and don’t worry about having a pile to give away. They take up a lot less space when I travel around town or on vacation, too. But for “keepers,” paper is still much better.

  3. OMG, yes!!!! Print books RULE!!!! Although I’ve read a few ebooks, by no means has this format won me over. NOT. I will ALWAYS prefer print books. They give me “the warm fuzzies” that I just can’t get from ebooks. I LOVE to hold REAL books in my hands, lovingly turn the pages, smell them, and just drift off into “Book Paradise” with them!

    I SO agree with you about the argument of having 1,000+ books on an ereader. Like you, I only need to need ONE. Unfortunately, I do agree that ebooks save space. However, there’s NOTHING more beautiful than walking into a house or apartment for the first time, and being greeted by a wall full of books, from floor to ceiling!! How can ebooks possibly compare to this?

    For some people, ebooks are indeed an advantage. The frequent traveler will find them very convenient. But I’m not in that group, so this is no advantage for me. The ease of adjusting font size might be cited as another advantage, but heck, there are physical books available in large print, for those who have problems reading small print.

    I’m glad there are other PASSIONATE print book lovers out there!! Thanks for sharing!! : )

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