Blog Hop: Shelves or Stacks?

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Do you have books stacked in every room of your house or are you strictly a believer that books belong on bookshelves?

I had to think about this to decide just what my beliefs around book storage are.  Books that are not currently “active” belong on bookshelves, and that’s where all of mine are.  Except for my overflow L. M. Montgomery books that are stacked next to my (small!) L. M. Montgomery bookshelf.

The “active” ones are in stacks—books currently out from the library (or my own that I plan to read shortly) are in one stack.  Books that are currently being read are in a stack by my bed (not a very tall stack, but there are generally at least two).  Books that have just been read and need to be entered into my book journal wind up stacked on the corner of my coffee table.  And books that are due to be donated are in a stack in one corner of the living room.

But in terms of permanent placement, bookshelves.  I’d worry about tripping over stacks and breaking something—myself or the books!

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Shelves or Stacks?

  1. dianem57

    I have a small stack of “to be read” books in my living room next to the couch. Otherwise, my books are on bookshelves. I don’t think they’re very easy to find in stacks. I much prefer bookshelves for storing books.

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