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book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: How many book clubs do you belong to? If you do belong to an in-person book club, do you have meetings in the day or evening? Do you meet at someone’s house or meet at a local restaurant or coffee house?

I am in one book club, and have been for almost eight years—I had to look that up!  I would have guessed it was five or six years…  But I actually joined just two weeks after I launched this blog, in November of 2010.  That was a big month for me.

I set out to look for a book club, and had several flagged on MeetUp.  But the first one I went to turned out to be great, and I never looked back.  Started as a young adult book group, it somehow took a geeky turn along the way.  It’s also had a lot of turnover through the years—I’m now the third-longest standing member, though others have been in for years too.

We meet monthly in the evening, at some public place.  Location has changed over the years too—we started at a local café, tried different parks for a while, spent some time meeting at Denny’s and IHOP, have flirted with Panera, and currently meet in the dining area of the local mall.  The goal was always to meet somewhere public, relatively quiet, and where food was available but not required, for those who preferred not to get a meal.

We are an extremely laid-back book club.  In different seasons of my life I have been more and less dedicated to actually reading the book.  I usually come whether I have or not, if that month works out (and it doesn’t always).  No one minds much about that.  We try to have some book discussion, but conversation ranges too, and often turns to Star Wars somehow. 🙂

Besides the official book club meetings, there are social events and game nights held throughout the month.  And in December there’s always a holiday party and book-themed White Elephant gift exchange.

I highly recommend book clubs for people who enjoy reading.  For me, it was never about finding books to read (I have no shortage of those!)  From the beginning, it was always about meeting like-minded people and having bookish (or geeky) discussions.  And I got lucky, because my book club turned out even better for than I ever could have hoped!


3 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Book Friends

  1. I’m in two book clubs. One meets at my golf club (well, it is for club members) and they often read things I would not pick for myself. A lot of the time I don’t finish them, especially when I have other targets of reading, like books beginning with a certain letter for the April AtoZ Challenge, or a TBR challenge etc.
    I also belong to the Goodreads Great Middle Grade Reads group which has a book of the month to read, so I consider that a bookclub. I organise the BOTM each month, but often I don’t read the pick because I can’t get it from my library. The nominations are often very US biased. But when I do get one it’s usually excellent. If I had time, I’d also read on of the Space Opera grou’s books of the month, but really, I need to read books already on my TBR list, and bookclubs tend to add to that, not take away!

  2. Cheryl it sounds like you have a great book club 😀 I am a member of my church’s book club, which was set up by our vicar to encourage himself and others to read more Christian literature and we tend to meet one evening a month; although bad weather has mucked things up a little recently.

  3. dianem57

    I’m still trying to find a book club in my town that is the right fit for me. I went to meetings of one for several months that I enjoyed, but I ultimately gave up on it because the drive to and from the meeting location (a clubhouse in a condo association) was just too far, especially since the group meets on a weeknight at 6:30 PM, so I had to contend with rush hour traffic to get there on time. Now I’ve just joined another one that’s located in a different part of town, closer to my home. But I haven’t attended enough of their meetings to see if they’ll work out for me. I do like to be in a book club because, like you, I have no shortage of books to read and don’t need recommendations, but I like the opportunity to discuss books with like-minded people. Is your book club mostly women or a mix? Both of the ones I’ve tried are all women. I wonder why that is?

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