Blog Hop: Early Days of Reading

I am–somewhat back!  Life has been and continues to be a rather frenetic affair (besides getting married, I’m also moving), but I wanted to start dipping back into this blog at least a bit.  I may not be up to my usual schedule of blogging quite yet, but I’ll at least be popping back in some.  So today, here’s a blog hop…but not actually this week’s question, because I liked one from last month better.  So I thought I’d answer it!book-blogger-hop-finalLast month’s Book Blogger Hop question was: Do you remember the first book you read by yourself?

According to family lore, the first book I ever read myself was The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree.  An earlier target-age than most Berenstain Bears books, it only has one or two brief sentences to a page.  Before I could actually read, I memorized the book and would “read” it to myself, turning pages and “reading” quite accurately.

I don’t know if I ever had a copy–it may have been a strictly library book–but I know I didn’t wind up keeping a copy.  So I bought it myself sometime around college, and was surprised to learn that all the dramatic reading my parents did (which I still remember, despite not exactly remembering being read it) was all invented, not based in italics or funny fonts or anything.  It’s strange to read a book you know well for the first time!

I don’t know what the first book I really read was.  Probably some early reader in school.  And I don’t know what the first book I chose to read was.  But the first book I “read” was The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, and I’m happy to say that it holds up over time–with dramatic reading included, of course.

Do you remember the first book you ever read?  Or “read”?

One thought on “Blog Hop: Early Days of Reading

  1. dianem57

    I don’t remember the very first book. The one I do remember, though, was a kids’ biography of George Washington that I got from my school library. I was proud of myself that it had no pictures.

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