Blog Hop: Perchance to Dream

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Have you ever had a bookish, nocturnal dream? If so, please share the story. If not, have you ever had a daydream related to books? If so, please tell us about it.

I have always found it surprising how rarely I have dreams related to books, especially my own, considering how much waking time I spend thinking about them!  For the amount of time he spends in my thoughts, the Phantom of the Opera ought to stalk through my dreams on a regular basis, and yet I think he’s appeared…maybe twice?  In twelve years.  I can’t say with any certainty that I’ve ever dreamed about the characters or the world of my fairy tale quartet.  Other people’s books have not shown up any more often.

As for daydreams–well, most of my stories play out in my head before they ever get onto paper, and I don’t mean while I’m sitting in front of my computer.  The more clearly a scene is imagined, the easier it is when I start physically writing (because the imagining feels like a stage of writing).  Some imagined scenes never get written down, and I never feel a desire to imagine a scene after it’s written–it’s like it’s locked in place then, and there isn’t the same range for mental playing.

Considering how much I imagine consciously, I’ve always found it strange that my subconscious doesn’t utilize the same characters and settings.  And kind of a shame–I think that would be fun!

Do you have dreams inspired by books, once you’ve read or written?  Have you had daydreams even if you haven’t had sleeping ones?

One thought on “Blog Hop: Perchance to Dream

  1. I never used to dream (save for an occasional recurrent nightmare close to exams!). More recently I found myself waking up with the solution to a seeming problem in my books, so I suppose I’ve been dreaming about it. These days I often dream of a story I want to write, maybe the next flash fiction or short story, and desperately hope I’ll remember it when I wake up. Having a pen and paper next to the bed seems to be no help at all, though!
    I think I’ve had dreams set in particular books, like Pride and Prejudice, but nothing I can really remember.
    And I’m getting no inspiration at all during the day, dreaming or not!

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