Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat: Friday

It’s relatively the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, and I thought I’d do an update on the first day of the 4th Annual Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat.

A few people came Thursday night, but I arrived Friday morning and we kicked things off officially at 10 am.  We spent the day primarily discussing character creation.  In what was basically a writing jam session, we tossed ideas around to create a character as a group, using some character-building tools and online personality tests.

We ended up with Lola, a trash-talking chef who does parkour in her free time, who is slow to trust others because she was betrayed by her previous boss/mentor.  She has a buzzcut and is very buff from her parkour exercise, and has some insecurities about not being the conventional female standard of beauty.  Deep-down, she wants a long-term romantic relationship but doesn’t think she’ll find anyone, so she uses Tinder or the equivalent to casually date a lot of equally buff women.  Over the course of the book we may or may not group-write, she falls in love with a vegan ballerina.  She has complicated feelings with her large Hispanic, conservative Catholic family, and as a kind of guilty pleasure she likes Austen movies and pork rinds.

But believe me, that summary just scratches the surface!  By the end of the day, we all felt that we knew Lola personally, and she might show up at the door, possibly with Charlie the ballerina. 🙂

As a pre-start to our plotting workshops planned for today (Saturday), we watched the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring, with discussion on the plot and character threads set up at the beginning of the movie that carry through the trilogy.  We also wound up observing just how much Tolkien there is in Harry Potter! (Ring wraiths/dementors, Sauron bound to the ring/horcruxes, and of course, wizard mentors with large beards…)

Outside of workshopping, we did some free write time…although the retreat house also has a pool and a hot tub that had a nice view of the full moon, so we may have been slightly distracted by that too!  All in all, a full day and nice kick-off to the retreat.

Day One Writing
Blog posts written: 2
Pages of Guardian III revised: 21

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