Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat: Saturday

We closed out Day Two the 4th Annual Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat, and just have a few hours left now!  Our second day, Saturday, was equally awesome, and I was happy to get more writing in.

Our focus on Saturday was on plot.  We went over common plot structures and how they compare (there are some pretty good parallels in the Hero’s Journey and the traditional Romantic plotline!)  We then used that structure to group-plot a book about Lola, yesterday’s character.  It was a pretty freeform, idea-tossing conversation that got the entire book plotted in a couple of hours.  It was pretty amazing–and you know you’re in a good point with writing when the sentence “so then the parkour group mobilizes with the coven to fight the vampires” makes complete sense. 🙂

We also finished The Fellowship of the Ring, compared the plot to the Hero’s Journey structure, and had some solid discussion on the really brilliant things both Tolkien and the filmmakers did in all the tiny details of that movie.

Outside of workshopping, I had a solid day in revising–I got through the end of Guardian III (!) per my retreat goal, went back to weave in references to a special performance I decided on at the end (mostly to satisfy my own need for a correct timeline, and otherwise why was there a performance on a Tuesday?  Conundrums), plus a couple other notes resolved to call this pass done.  I even resolved a note I’ve had in here since November of 2013, finally figuring out how to clarify something I’d left unsaid all this time.  So that is super exciting on so many levels!

And we still have about four and a half hours of retreating left…

Day Two Writing
Blog posts written: 1
Pages of Guardian III revised: 45

One thought on “Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat: Saturday

  1. I like how structured your retreat is, with activities you all do together and time also for individual writing projects. Seems like a very productive use of your time away.

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