Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat: Sunday

We’re all home from the 4th Annual Stonehenge Circle Writers Retreat, and back to our regular days.  Our last day, Sunday, was a much shorter day, finishing up by 11 am, but still a nice end to the weekend retreat.

We only did a brief workshop, looking at some writing resources to help with dynamic description and writing in a more active style, and discussed how to structure a book bible.

We had some free write time as well–I’d finished my work (for now) on Guardian III, so I launched right into what I dearly hope will be the final final edits for Guardian I.  This was much less intense than the work needed for Guardian III–I had a print-out of the draft with minor edits already noted on it, and just needed to go through to implement in the digital file.  By the end of the day, I got through about about a third of the novel, so that was a solid amount of progress on that as well…some of it done on retreat, and some of it done after I got home.  Because obviously, when you get home from a writing retreat and have a spare hour, the thing to do is more writing! 🙂

Day Three Writing
Blog posts written: 1
Pages of Guardian I edited: 90

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