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book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  How long does it take you to finish a book?

This varies wildly depending on the book–both its length, and how much I enjoy it!  I used to go through books very quickly.  Even a longish book (say, 400 pages) would be finished in about three days.  My pace has slowed dramatically with life changing.  I don’t have as much built-in reading time in my schedule anymore, and (perhaps because it used to be built in) I don’t tend to think of reading when I have free space and am thinking of what to do (I more often write or blog).

I’m probably averaging something like a book a week now, for what I would consider my “proper” book that I’m reading–the paper one that I read over meals and when I feel like picking something up.  I read nonfiction for two hours a week, and could spend a few weeks on one, or finish it in just that time, depending on the length (which probably varies even more for nonfiction than fiction).  I also listen to an audiobook whenever I’m in the car, and probably get through most audiobooks in a week or two.  And I have a book just to read before bed–when I was reading L. M. Montgomery’s journals, it would take months to get through a volume.  Now that I’m reading her short stories, it’s a bit faster.

If I’m particularly enjoying a book, I’m more likely to pick it up more often and therefore I finish it faster.  If it’s just okay, I can get bogged down for weeks.  There is a definite and unfortunate irony at play there…

I always feel I’d like to read more and finish more books faster, but I suspect that feeling is shared by most readers!

One thought on “Blog Hop: Reading Timeline

  1. I am usually reading three books at a time – fiction, spiritual and politics/non fiction. I go through the fiction books fastest, especially if the story is particularly engaging. I average about one spiritual book per month, but I tend to read those more slowly because of the contents (more to think about as I read). I normally read about 6-8 books per month so that’s approximately 2 (or a little more than 2) per week. I have a long “to be read” list that I will never get through (since I add to it at a faster pace than I finish books that are on it). I always feel like I want to read more, but generally I’m pretty satisfied with how much I’m able to read now.

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