2020 Reading Challenges

A week into January, it must be time (past it, in fact!) to talk about my reading goals for the new year.  Firstly, I’ve been reading less the last couple of years than I used to, so my first goal is simply to read more this year.  I’m setting a goal of 125 books (print or audio).  That’s a jump from the last two years, when I read about 100 books each year, but much lower than when I used to clock in around 200.  I’m hoping it will help motivate me to take the time to read more.

Now onto the specific challenges…

The Phantom of the Opera Reading & Viewing Challenge
Host: Tales of the Marvelous
Goal: Lon Chaney Level

First and foremost, I am hosting a challenge this year, focusing on the many versions of the Phantom of the Opera, seeing as my own version is coming out in the second half of the year.  I’m targeting the second level for myself, the Lon Chaney Level.  I’d like to reread Susan Kay, rewatch Webber’s 25th anniversary play, and perhaps rewatch Lon Chaney.  That would put me on track for one version of each type (book, play, movie), though I’d also like to seek out some new book retellings too.  We’ll see how the year goes–and you can of course still sign up for this challenge too!

Diversity  Reading Challenge
Host: Celebrity Readers
Goal: 18 Books

More diverse reading seems to be my perennial goal; this will be my fourth or fifth time with this challenge.  I’m pleased to have found a hosted challenge I like this year, over at Celebrity Readers.  I’m not doing the mini-challenge, with a monthly theme, but I like the overall challenge.

Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge
Host: Kimberly Faye Reads
Goal: 34 books

I’ve been keeping a running “To Be Read” list in my phone for, I don’t know, a few years now?  The thing is, I very rarely actually hunt up a book from the list and read it!  So I decided to set that goal for this year, to start reading at least some of that list.  To make it easier, I transferred the whole thing over to Goodreads, so that when I’m staring at a title I don’t even recognize, I can easily click into a plot summary and possibly figure out why I added the book to begin with (and get excited about reading it!)  I currently have 68 books on the list, so my goal is to read 34 books, half of the total–though probably more will be added to the list as the year goes on!  I’m joining the Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge, and my goal puts me in the First Down Level.

Those are all my goals for this year – more on quantity than specific focus, which is a bit different than usual.  We’ll see how that turns out!

Do you have reading goals for the year?  I’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “2020 Reading Challenges

  1. You have ambitious goals for 2020. 125 books in the year is more than I am aiming for. I would just like to meet my goal of about 60 books in the year that I’ve had for the last several years. If I top it, so much the better, but that’s my aim for now. Like your previous commenter, I also read 3 books at a time – a fictional book, a political or historical book, and a spiritual or religious book. It’s great to have the time to do this and the wide choice of reading materials.

  2. msheehan42

    I love Goodreads so much. It helps keep me organized and on track. I set my Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge to 70 books this year (I’m not as fast as you are). I especially love Goodreads for keeping track of my TBR list. I have been working solely off of that list for the last few years. My main focus is usually on books I own that are on my TBR list. I own so many books that I have yet to read. I read 3 books at a time, usually. One book from my library that I read during lunch breaks, one audiobook for commutes, and one book that I read at home (this is most often a book I own but haven’t read).

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