Writing Wednesday + Reflections on the Phantom’s Name

I’ve been remiss in my Writing Wednesday posts recently, in part because there hasn’t been a lot to say week to week!  I spent all of April reviewing and doing light revisions on The Princess Beyond the Thorns, mostly to the effect of realizing that it is, in fact, probably two books, not one.  This has a way of happening to me…considering my Phantom trilogy was supposed to be one book to begin with too.  Fortunately I figured things out much earlier in the process this time around.  I expect to spend the rest of May continuing on those revision efforts.

My main focus has been shifting over towards getting the word out about my upcoming novel release, The Guardian of the Opera: Nocturne.  Have I mentioned it’s coming out June 5th? 🙂  And videos.  I seem to be making a lot of videos lately.

So today, instead of a writing excerpt, have a video.  It’s Phantom-focused, not surprisingly, discussing not just the (sometimes complicated) background of the Phantom’s name, but also some ways I used (or didn’t use) his name very intentionally in my book.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Writing Wednesday + Reflections on the Phantom’s Name

  1. I liked your reaction to the use of “Mr. Y” as a name for the Phantom. So funny. And it was interesting to hear about your method of deciding when you would use “the Phantom” and when you would use “Erik.” Clever to introduce his name to the reader at the same time Meg first learns it.

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