Friday Face-Off: Romantic Covers


It’s time again for the Friday Face-Off meme, created by Books by Proxy, with weekly topics hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog.  The idea is to put up different covers for one book, and select a favorite.

This week’s theme is: The bodice ripper – exactly as it seems

I don’t tend to read true bodice-rippers, but I did think about favorite romances in books for this one.  The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer had several excellent romances, though my particular favorite was Book 3, Cress.  So that’s my choice for this week’s theme!

This is the only cover I’d seen prior to doing this post, and I love the sci fi/fantasy-merged feel of it.

This looked sort of interesting as a thumbnail, but looking at it closer there’s something a little creepy about all the disembodied braids…

This is fun and I like the weirdness of the long hair, the sci fi setting and the casual body posture.  I feel like this Cress looks a lot…tougher? than the character in the book though.  It doesn’t have her innocence and whimsy.

This one is quite different, and I think it’s my favorite!  I like how real the woman and her hair look, despite the crazy length, and the landscape is stunning.  I feel like if this was a forest backdrop it would be a very classic fantasy cover, and I love how it’s altered with the desert and stars landscape that gives it a more science fiction feel.

So I realize none of these covers actually look like a bodice-ripper…but there is in fact a really delightful romance in this story!

One thought on “Friday Face-Off: Romantic Covers

  1. I don’t read bodice rippers either (romance genre), though I read women’s fiction and many of the books have an element of romance in them. I don’t have a favorite I can think of. I like the last cover best of the book you chose. That’s the one that would most attract me to read the story.

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