Writing Wednesday: Write ALL the Things!

It’s been a while since I did a Writing Wednesday post, because everything has been very publishing focused!  But my first Guardian book is out now, and I am moving on to focus on…several other projects.

The biggest, highest priority writing project right now is to finish up Guardian II.  I’m making the final, final edits, and currently expect it to launch in September.  More details will, of course, be coming soon.

Project 2 is to revise two longish short stories (shortish novellas?) that I’m contributing to an anthology, about characters magically entering into books.  I’ve mentioned it before.  Revisions are due for everyone contributing by the end of June, so that’s sneaking up on me.

Project 3 is a prequel I’m planning to my Guardian trilogy…a fairly recent idea, this will be much shorter than a full book!  I’m working on three short stories, each one focusing on a different character who becomes significant in the trilogy: Erik, Meg and Christine.  In theory I’d like to have that out before Guardian II, but…we’ll see!

Project 4 – the collaborative novel that I’m writing with a few writing friends came back around to me.  We’re writing chapters round robin style (passing the story along from person to person), and it came back to me a couple days ago.  So that’s another piece to work on!

So, it’s kind of…all the writing right now!  Each project is actually not that big, though, I hope – so hopefully I can make a lot of progress quickly.  It may be a bit of a juggling act for a couple of weeks though!

One thought on “Writing Wednesday: Write ALL the Things!

  1. dianem57

    You certainly have your plate full! They all sound good. With the restrictions due to the coronavirus, I would imagine that might give you more time for all of your projects.

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