Blog Hop: Support Your Local Library


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  How often do you visit your local library?

For years and years I had a weekly library habit – often visiting the library every Saturday morning.  Then my life got busier in the past few years and my reading reduced somewhat, and it became more of an every-few-weeks thing.

Then a pandemic happened.  I stocked up on books a few days before the libraries were closed, because I figured that was coming, and for a couple months there were no library visits at all.  Now I’m back to something more like normalcy, at least with frequency – I visit every few weeks for “curbside pickup.”  In fact, that’s on my to-do list for this afternoon…

How about you?  Do you visit your local library often?  Has it changed over time?

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Support Your Local Library

  1. The village where I used to live had a mobile library service, so I frequented it to make sure it was used! It proivded a good focus for the month, and I found some interesting MG books to read which I wouldn’t have otherwise. Zombie Guinea Pigs, for example!

    I have been in to my new local library (and got my new card) once before lockdown, and was very impressed with it. It has survived the round of cuts, though it will be subject to reduced hours. I just hope that plenty of people keep using them.

  2. My library branch has curbside pickup, too, but I’ve only used it once, for a book I reserved prior to the pandemic that took forever to become available to me for check out. (And they only gave me 10 days on the loan.) I have started using the e-reader loan feature from my library, to check out some books that way and read them on my Kindle. There are many, though, that I’d like to read that are wait-listed. I guess more people are spending more time reading, which is a good thing. 🙂

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