Cover Reveal + Pre-Order for Dawn Melody, Guardian of the Opera Book Three

If you’ve been following along for the last few months, you’ll know that I released Nocturne, Book 1 of my Guardian of the Opera trilogy in July, and Accompaniment, Book 2, in September.  And today I’m excited to announce that Dawn Melody, Book 3, will be out December 4th!  Keep scrolling down for the cover reveal – and you can already pre-order your Kindle copy.

Before we come to the cover, here’s a bit about the book…I’ll warn you ahead that it does give a bit away about the Book 2 cliffhanger!

With the Phantom of the Opera dead, Erik tries to discover what role still exists for him at the Opera Garnier—or if there is one. Sure that he can never belong in the outside world, he questions if he can still belong inside the Opera either. And also to wonder why it bothers him so much when Meg spends more and more time with the handsome Léon de Troyes.

Fighting feelings she’s sure she shouldn’t have for Erik, Meg tries to balance a friendship with him, a flirtation with Léon, and her dreams about a life beyond the corps de ballet. But even a ballerina can’t keep her balance forever, and events escalate as their fragile dance begins to fall apart. And neither Meg nor Erik suspect that Commissaire Mifroid—and Christine Daaé—may still have plans of their own.

The first book retold the events of the original Phantom story, while the second book continued the lives of the characters in the aftermath and months beyond.  The third book is when everything comes to a head, as tensions ramp up and some plotlines that have been teasing for hundreds of pages finally come together.  It’s my personal favorite of the series!

I wouldn’t recommend starting on Book 3, but you still have time before December to catch up on the story.

And now on to that cover I promised!

I love that I’ve been able to use the same model as Meg for all three covers.  We see her in a more triumphant pose here, which is appropriate as she’s been on an arc of coming into herself and her own confidence for the entire series.  The backdrop is the Grand Foyer of the Opera Garnier, which is absolutely covered in gold.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the series so far, and will order your copy of Dawn Melody!

6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal + Pre-Order for Dawn Melody, Guardian of the Opera Book Three

  1. Sarah Rodgers

    I just began your books and love them!
    Looking forward to the hardcover release of Book #3.

    Was wondering if you are going be making the trilogy from Christine’s POV into a hardcover next year?

    Thank you!

    1. So glad to hear you’re enjoying! I am planning to do a collection next year with a hardcover that includes the prequel, Christine’s story, and a few other goodies. More details coming 🙂

  2. I like her pose and the way she looks – she seems more confident in this photo than the others, which, I think, is appropriate to her story arc. I like the continuity of the Phantom’s eyes in his mask on all three covers. And it’s clever how you have incorporated the Opera Garnier itself into this cover again, too. Can’t wait to read this third book and find out the rest of the story.

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