Blog Hop: A Halloween Alternative


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Would you consider giving out books to trick-or-treaters instead of candy?

That’s a cute idea, but I’m not sure how actually feasible it would be.  My first thought was that books, as a rule, cost much more per unit than candy, so it’s not that economically feasible.  But on the other hand, in my neighborhood it’s a busy Halloween if we get a dozen trick-or-treaters, so that may not be that much of an issue after all.

The possibly bigger trouble is that it’s impossible to predict the age, gender or interests of the kids who show up at the door, so having the right books would be a challenge.  People talk about liking “books” generically, but the truth is that pretty much everyone has a limited selection of books they actually like, and kids of different age groups are even more complicated.  While not every kid likes every type of candy, it’s much more universally appealing.

And then there’s the issue of expectations – we all know what the kids are coming to the door for, and it’s not books.  I wouldn’t really blame a kid who wasn’t happy to not get chocolate, or even assume that they don’t like books – only that they’re here looking for chocolate!

I think books could be an awesome party favor, and I give lots of books as gifts, but it makes more sense in a situation where you know more about the numbers and the identities of the recipients.  So probably not the best choice for trick-or-treaters!

3 thoughts on “Blog Hop: A Halloween Alternative

  1. Diane – me too lol

    I’m not a fan of Halloween and am more likely to hand out a sharp word than sweets to anyone ringing my doorbell – as I did to my subsequent embarrassment when my neighbours kids came to show me their costumes… as their Mum, hiding at the back, explained when I finished :O Ground, swallow me up, please.

  2. On this topic, I’ll just use that old meeting response when the boss is going around the table soliciting everyone’s opinion and the person just before you says exactly what you thought, “What she said.” 🙂

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