Saturday Snapshot: Launch Day Celebration

This is an exciting weekend…because yesterday was Launch Day for my novel!  Since my writing group was also meeting yesterday, naturally I had to bring something to celebrate!

Launch Day CakeYou could say that I made one of these things from scratch…and just added some crucial decoration to the other.

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Saturday Snapshot: Novel Proof!

I’ve mentioned a time or two 😉 that I have a novel coming out…and we’re getting close!  Launch Date, November 15th, is less than a week away!  The Wanderers will be available in paperback and ebook.  Ebooks aren’t so easy to photograph, so today I’m sharing pictures of the paperback.  Technically this is the final proof, but it’s what the published book will look like too…

Wanderers (3)Wanderers (4)Wanderers (1)Wanderers (2)Every writer I know agrees that the arrival of the proof is one of the most exciting parts of the process…suddenly it’s all real! 🙂

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Saturday Snapshot: Halloween Display

Since Halloween was just this past week, it seems like the ideal weekend to share a shot of my favorite Halloween decorations I saw this year…

P1020689This invasion of giant spiders is so much fun…although maybe I think so because I don’t have a fear of spiders!  But I love the way there are no other Halloween decorations, nothing to tip off that it isn’t really an invasion.  There’s a certain subtlety to it–if you can talk about subtlety in connection with giant spiders!

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Saturday Snapshots: Waterfall…or Wizard?

The October page of my calendar has a waterfall picture.  Perfectly nice, perfectly ordinary…


Except that it reflects in my bedroom mirror, and out of the corner of my eye, reversed and slightly fuzzy…

Waterfall - Copy

…it begins to look strangely like…


So what do you think?  Do you see the Grey Wizard in my waterfall? 🙂

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Saturday Snapshot: Book Business Cards

As regular blog readers know, I’m planning to publish a novel in November.  I finalized the cover a few weeks ago…and recently, my business cards arrived!

Business Cards (1)

The back of the card reads:

You might recognize the landscape.  You may think you know the rules.  But you’ve strayed beyond the tales.

Come join a wandering adventurer, a talking cat and a witch’s daughter as they fight monsters, pursue quests, and learn that sometimes, rules are no help at all.

Sadly, I can’t give any business cards to all you lovely people I only know online…but if you’re someone I see in person, ask for one. 🙂

Have a great weekend, and visit West Metro Mommy for more Saturday Snapshots!