Saturday Snapshot: Here I Have a Note…

I’ve mentioned once or twice (or thereabouts!) that I’m a fan of The Phantom of the Opera.  I may have also mentioned that I’m a member of the Michael Crawford International Fan Association.  Mr. Crawford, of course, was the original Phantom in London and Broadway.  The MCIFA had a special sale recently of memorabilia…and I bought the most splendid of souvenirs!

Phantom's Letters (3)This is a prop letter from the Phantom to Carlotta, actually used in the Webber production, and signed by Michael Crawford and Leigh Munro, who played Carlotta.  I couldn’t resist a signed letter…or a matching set of Andre’s and Firmin’s notes!

Phantom's Letters (1)Phantom's Letters (2)The Phantom’s letters feel far more personal than almost any other souvenir…and they’re particularly meaningful to me, because of one of my favorite moments in the play.  During the song “Prima Donna,” seven characters run about the stage, mostly waving letters and trying to placate Carlotta.  One of those characters is Meg Giry.  While others sing at the front of the stage, often (not in every production, but often) Meg slips to the back of the stage to examine all the Phantom’s letters.

It’s a tiny moment that probably 99% of the audience never notices.  I always watch for it, and it helped inspire my belief that Meg has a very special interest in the Phantom…and have I mentioned that I’m writing a novel from her point of view?

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Saturday Snapshot: Knitting the Doctor’s Scarf

A few weeks ago I shared a recent knitting project and alluded to my next one…a very large project involving seven colors of yarn.  As some of you guessed, I am in the midst of knitting the Doctor’s Scarf!

For the non-Doctor Who fans, the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, is probably best-known as “the one with the really long scarf.”  I started watching some old Who, got psyched up on the 50th Anniversary Special just as I was finishing my last knitting project, and decided to attempt the Doctor’s Scarf.  Here’s the work in progress:

Doctor Who Scarf 2Oh, but that’s probably not quite what you wanted to see, is it?  🙂 Here’s the unrolled work in progress…

Doctor Who ScarfThe scarf is currently about eleven feet long.  See that red stripe with blue stripes on either side, on the righthand pillow?  That’s roughly the midpoint, so I figure the complete scarf will be around 20 feet.  There will be much looping when it is worn.

You may wonder about the design…there are certain websites where people take the Doctor’s Scarf very seriously.  I’m using a pattern from, a site I highly recommend if you plan to attempt this yourself.  I’m doing some variations on the pattern–I changed a few stripes due to complicated reasons involving what yarn I have, and mine isn’t as wide as the pattern recommends.  More significantly, while I’m following the color pattern, I chose my own shades of green, red, etc., because I don’t actually like the Doctor’s colors!  So I’m doing a pastel version of the Doctor’s Scarf–or as one friend suggested, it’s a Romana Scarf.

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Saturday Snapshot: Christmas Church Decorations

I hope you had a wonderful holiday this past week!  Last Saturday I posted a photo of my Christmas decorations, and this Saturday I thought I’d share some decorations on a much larger scale…  My church has a brilliant and creative liturgist, and some very elaborate decorations.

I learned in Notre Dame that my camera doesn’t do well in large churches, even well-lit ones, but hopefully you can get some idea of the scene…

Christmas St. Francis 2013 (2)Trees and nativity scene (with extra seating) on the old altar at the front of the church

Christmas St. Francis 2013 (3)Closer view of the nativity–we’re a Franciscan parish, so the St. Francis statue gets prominent placement.  It’s appropriate too, since Francis began the tradition of creating nativity scenes.

Christmas St. Francis 2013 (5)This shows the Advent wreath, newly decorated in gold for Christmas, above the new altar, with the pews beyond.  It was much brighter in person…  I volunteered to help decorate this year, and it’s fun getting that wreath up!

Did you see any impressive Christmas decorations this year?

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Saturday Snapshot: Christmas Decorations

For the Saturday before Christmas, sharing a snapshot of decorations seems kind of mandatory, doesn’t it? 🙂

Christmas Tree 2013

I have a small apartment (with large bookcases) so I got a small tree.  And then just by chance, most of the gifts I’m giving are (in size) small as well, so it all fits together proportionately rather well…apart from the large pirate nutcracker, of course!

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Saturday Snapshot: New Scarf

I’ve mentioned knitting projects a few times before, and they always make a good thing to share for Saturday Snapshot…  I finished my most recent project on Thanksgiving, which was perfect timing for wearing it to family gatherings–and for a sudden cold snap we’ve had this week!

Purple ScarfThis isn’t the most accurate of pictures, as it’s more purple in life, and not so sparkly–but I thought it was a cool shot anyway.  My next scarf will probably take until next winter, as the plan involves seven different colors and will be 14 feet long…perhaps something to share another Saturday? 🙂

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