Saturday Snapshot: Book Loot

Last weekend I went to my library’s Warehouse Sale, so I thought–why not show off the treasure?

That’s 17 books, for a total price of…$19.50.

I LOVE the Library Warehouse Sale.  It’s literally a warehouse full of books.  The library opens it up every two months or so, and I usually try to make it over to spend a couple of hours wandering the shelves.  The selection is good and the prices are amazing, between 50 cents and two dollars.  I shop used book stores a lot, so I have a pretty good idea how much all of this would have cost somewhere else…I’d say a fairly conservative estimate puts the value around a hundred dollars, for the same copies elsewhere.

Definitely a good deal, and plenty of hidden treasure in among all those shelves!  At the top I have five new-to-me original Star Trek books; I’ve been hunting, not very successfully, for good ones to try, so these were excellent finds.  Under those, AVI and Vivian Vande Velde with two books I know are excellent (and in like-new condition), and Aria of the Sea somehow lured me in even though I almost never buy unread books (barring a series like Star Trek, or a reliable author like Burroughs).

I have the complete Grimms, but no Andersen, so that lovely old copy was a great find.  I’ve been hunting (not very successfully!) for a copy of Huckleberry Finn ever since my copy fell apart–I swear I saw them everywhere until I actually needed to buy a copy.  This one smells amazing, all old book musty, and when I saw there was a matching copy of Tom Sawyer I couldn’t resist them both.

I poked through the picture books for treasures and decided to expand my James Stevenson collection, resulting in the five you see up there.  He wrote and illustrated the Grandpa and Uncle Wainey series, and is wonderfully clever.  I appreciate good stories regardless of target age group.

And the behemoth at the bottom, How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman.  I already had the abridged version and know he’s excellent, so I thought I’d just go for the complete one.

So there you have it–book loot!  I can always rely on the Library Warehouse Sale to overfill my bookshelves, and let me check off a few more favorite books I’ve been meaning to buy.  Anyone else have favorite places they go to look for bookish treasure?

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30 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Book Loot

  1. Fun treasures! And the price is terrific. I recently got a handful of Star Trek books from my wife’s library giveaway and it was fun going through them to decide which ones to keep and which one’s I either already had and could give away or one’s I didn’t need to read again.

    Love the Anderson book and the two Clemmons’. Great looking spines!

  2. That is a fab loot, well done 🙂

    There used be a small but great second hand bookshop in the village my mother lives in which I found some real gems in. Sadly the little old lady that owned and ran it passed away a year ago, and her family didn’t decide to continue the business. Since then I have been hunting for an alternative second hand shop but none have taken its place yet.

  3. Uncle Wainey and Grandpa!!!??? We all loved reading “Could Be Worse” when my son was young; I think of him whenever I see strawberry icecream. Great haul!
    Thanks too for your condolences; I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Our city library has book sales about every 3 months put up by Friends of the Library. I always find good read. You have a lot to read for the next weeeeks.

  5. wcs53

    Great deal! I love when our library has a sale. You can’t go wrong with a pile like that for under 20 bucks. Happy reading!

  6. dianem57

    Wow! You made a killing. You really did well with the purchases since some were on your list of what you wanted to buy anyway and they cost much less getting them this way. Well done!

  7. Thanks for dropping by and visiting.
    A book sale! Now that would be a dangerous place to let me loose!!
    We are going to be in Copenhagen in May and I am looking forward to visiting some of the Andersen sights.

  8. The library is where it’s at! Ours has a permanent sale shelf that they stock regularly and then once a year they have a huge everything-goes sale – I love that 🙂 Great find on those vintage books.

  9. I love the sound of your “treasure” warehouse. Isn’t it just the most fun thing to find the perfect book? Even one you didn’t know you were longing for. LOL

    1. It IS amazing to find the perfect book. It’s nice to find an unexpected one, and I especially love when I find a very cheap copy of something I had been meaning to buy. It really is like hidden treasure!

  10. That is a great haul of books, Cheryl. I LOVE a booksale! [See my Saturday Snapshot of LAST week!] That’s a lot of great reading for a great price. It’s got to be the most economically sound “hobby” there is…. reading, I mean.
    I love those copies of Mark Twain you got there. I was just about to start Huck Finn a few weeks ago [I also have a nice used copy I picked up at a sale] but I haven’t ever read it yet.
    As to the bottom book there, you remind me that I should keep my eyes open for a book entitled How To Cook Anything…. I am so hopeless in the kitchen!
    — Cheers!

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