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Book Review – Star Trek: First Frontier

Not too long ago I mentioned rereading my favorite Star Trek novel, First Frontier by Diane Carey and Dr. James I. Kirkland. I’ve mentioned it once or twice around here, but I’ve never done a proper review. So I think … Continue reading

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Blog Hop: Bookmarks

This week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Do you use bookmarks? If so, do you match them to the book you’re reading or do you use random scraps of paper? I have a bookmark collection, and have been mostly using the … Continue reading

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TV Review: Star Trek Voyager

I’ve been a Star Trek fan ever since I was ten or twelve or thereabouts–whenever it was my dad first showed me “The Empath.”  Since then, I watched every episode of Classic Trek, and sizable chunks of…almost everything else, even … Continue reading

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Favorite Quotes from Mr. Spock–and Friends

It was a sad day recently when Leonard Nimoy died–the actor who brought us one of my very favorite characters, the ever (or usually) logical Mr. Spock.  I watched “This Side of Paradise” that evening–a good Spock episode that shows … Continue reading

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Weighing Down the Shelves…

Before I get to the actual focus of this post, just a note about novel news!  Last week I told you The Storyteller and Her Sisters was available for pre-order on Kindle.  If Kindle’s not your thing, you can now … Continue reading

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