Saturday Snapshot: Late-blooming Orchid

I’ve been waiting a year and a half for my orchid to bloom–and it finally did!  It had lovely flowers when I first got it, and I was told that it would probably bloom again in a year.  Well, it didn’t…and I waited…and didn’t quite have the heart to toss it out…and finally this spring it burst out with buds.  I’ve been watching it like a hawk for three weeks as bud after bud opened, waiting for the perfect moment to take a picture and share with all of you!

I count twelve blooms, plus one more bud I think will open, and two tiny ones that might.  I guess it was worth the wait!

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21 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Late-blooming Orchid

  1. Gorgeous! And you got two stalks!? That’s pretty cool. My orchid only ever gives me one but it keeps coming back once a year so I’m not complaining 🙂

  2. How wonderful! Sometimes it is very hard to wait for things to happen…but you were rewarded.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog and the “blooming” of my eldest grandchild.

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