Saturday Snapshot: My Literary Cat-Friend

I try to make a habit of walking around my neighborhood every day, and along the way I’ve met lots of neighborhood cats.  My favorite is Ruby, a very friendly adventurer who plainly has a literary interest.

There’s a small library only about six blocks from my apartment, and most of the time that’s where I see Ruby.  She likes to hang out on the brick wall or the front steps.  She’s a smart cat, and has realized that this is the place to go to meet people–or perhaps she likes to read.

I had always assumed she lived nearby, but then one day I actually took a look at the address on her tag–it turns out she lives a block and half away from the library.  By that point I’d been seeing her there for months, so I knew she wasn’t lost.  She just likes to travel.  In practical terms, I know I probably should worry about her crossing (quiet) streets, but if you actually meet Ruby–well, that is the most sure-of-herself cat I’ve ever seen, and it’s hard not to believe that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Just once I did worry a little–I was walking a block on past the library, and Ruby seemed inclined to go the same way, the exact opposite direction from her house.  She ignored my suggestions that she ought to go back, and I don’t really think she was trying to follow me at all.  I think she was just going about her own business.  She trotted off down a sidepath with no hesitation, and sure enough, I saw her back at the library a day or two later.

I must admit, there are days when I feel somewhat envious.  I’d rather like to spend the day hanging out at the library too!

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: My Literary Cat-Friend

  1. She’s precious! It’s so funny when pets go about looking all purposeful and business-like – I want to follow them and see where they’re going!

  2. I would be worrying about her too. When I see a kitty that obviously has a home I want to scoop them up and bring them back to the safety of their yard. But… if she hangs out at the library, I’m sure she’s a smart cat. 🙂

  3. She’s wonderful. I love the little heart. My son use to have quite a following when he delivered the newspapers in our neighborhood, he worried about them too, he actually walked them back home, it was almost like they were inviting him to their homes, once they got home they would roll around on the porch so he could snuggle them up.

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