Saturday Snapshot: Johnny Depp

I wish I could give you an actual snapshot of Johnny Depp…but I’ve never met him.  Still, seeing as it’s his birthday today, I thought I’d make him the theme of my Saturday Snapshot.  So I’m giving you a glimpse into my fandom.  🙂

This is my Pirates bookshelf, with all four movies, some books on historical pirates, and a couple biographies.  They’re all presided over by a Captain Jack Sparrow action figure, and a doll McDonald’s put out for the second movie–and I managed to buy the doll without actually buying any food from them.  It turns out they will sell the toys separately.

This is my most expensive item.  Somewhere I have a paper certifying that it’s an authentic signature.  I blame my friend for this purchase–we were in the store, she decided to buy an autograph first, and then of course I succumbed to temptation!

I’m not exclusively a Captain Jack fan.  Here’s my Johnny Depp movie collection.  Other favorite characters include Roux in Chocolat, J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland, and while I don’t exactly love Sweeney Todd, I find his movie to be a remarkably cathartic experience.

I must say, this all looks fairly reasonable.  But then…I didn’t show you the two boxes of magazine clippings and movie reviews!  🙂

I know the rest of you must have favorite actors too.  Tell me about your fandoms!  And check out At Home with Books for more Saturday Snapshots.

32 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Johnny Depp

  1. Since nobody has mentioned him, let me just say I’m a big fan of Colin Firth. I’ve most of his movies on DVD’s but sad to say, no autographs, no fan memorabilia either… but I’ve a collector’s edition of the BBC Pride & Prejudice DVD set , in a large hard case with a book on the making of the series. Interesting blog you have. Thanks for stopping by Ripple Effects. 😉

  2. Johnny Depp is a great choice. I don’t tend to obsess over one actor there are a few I like to follow, the top of that list though is probably James McAvoy…if he’s in it…I’ll watch it 😛

  3. wcs53

    Nice Johnny Depp collection. He’s been in so many good movies. I think Finding Neverland is probably one of my favourites, although I always find the Pirates movies to be lots of fun, too. I think my son still has the little Captain Jack doll from McDonalds. Thanks for visiting my snapshot.

  4. You are a for-real connoisseur of The Depp.
    I, too, think he is fabulous — not quite as devoted as you — but admittedly, the guy is a phenom, in so many ways!

      1. ensign_beedrill

        I just had a cuh-razy thought. Helena Bonham Carter is playing Madame Thénardier in the upcoming Les Misérables movie. It would have been so great to put Johnny Depp in the role of Thénardier alongside her. He’d be great in the role! Only reason not to, I guess, is ’cause he’d steal the show. 😦 And Tim Burton isn’t directing this movie. Hah.

        1. So right–if Tim Burton was directing, it would be Johnny and Helena Bonham Carter. And it would be amazing! Well, the casting, anyway, not so sure how Burton would handle the rest of the movie… 😉 But anyway, I didn’t know Helena Bonham Carter was in it! Now even more excited for it.

  5. Johnny Depp is one of my favorites too. I try not to collect too much stuff other than all the books I have in the house. Well, I do have some Star Trek things.

  6. Johnny Depp is a good one to have fandom for. He’s been in so many of what I consider favorite films. One of my dearest friends is a 75 year old lady who has the BIGGEST crush on him. She has her own clippings as well.

    Chocolate and Sleepy Hollow are two of my favorite Depp films. Also love Benny and June. And his voice work in The Corpse Bride.

    I was (and suppose still am) a big fan of Meg Ryan in the day. Meg and Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. I still have several magazines stored in the basement with covers and shoots featuring these ladies. I still enjoy their films, at least their romantic roles, very much. At present I’m probably more of a fan of Felicia Day than any big movie star. Not only is she a cutie, and a redhead to boot, but she is clever and creative and I enjoy the ways she is making it even more fun to be a geek.

  7. That’s a fun collection, and great photo! I don’t collect anything like that, but we do own at least one autographed item – the script from one of our favorite MASH episodes, signed by Alan Alda (we purchased it from someone else, so sadly there’s no interesting story about meeting him or anything).

  8. LOL! I like Johnny Depp too. I adored the first Pirates movie, but grew less and less happy as the series went along.
    The actors who makes me gush is Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet, but no action figures. 🙂

  9. Oh, what a nice post, and what a good reason to celebrate! Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite films, and Neverlands, and Sleepy Hollow, and all the Pirates … but I didn’t like Chocolat, because none of the characters were as I imagined from the book.

  10. What a fun collection. I haven’t actually watched the movies… yet. It’s been on my to do list for a while. I have to round up some grandkids and have a pirate movie-fest.

  11. I love Johnny Depp, too; I think he is extremely versatile. As I was looking at your movie collection, a good example of that diversity is Benny and Joon vs. Edward Scissorhands. lol

    Thanks for sharing your collections, and enjoy! Also…thanks for visiting my blog.

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