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Movie Review: Passengers

I recently watched Passengers with some friends, and found it utterly fascinating.  It’s gotten a lot of flack for the perception that it gives a questionable message about consent–although on a metaphorical level.  I didn’t see that at all.  In … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Rogue One

Apparently it’s movie week on the blog.  I didn’t intend to do a theme around scrappy people with few resources fighting governments, but, well…  Today, from a galaxy far away, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Billed as the story … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Suffragette and All the President’s Men

Stories are a big part of the rhythm of my life.  Stressful days call for The Dick Van Dyke Show, depressing ones need Terry Pratchett books and every holiday of any significance has a number of books and movies I … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Coriolanus

Continuing my Shakespeare challenge this year, I’ve done all comedies so far and so decided to go for a tragedy.  I’ve been intrigued by Coriolanus for years, but never actually explored it–so this seemed like the time! I tried to … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Newsies

I recently went to see the play version of Newsies, the Broadway musical on tour—which led me to rewatch the old Disney movie.  I had a bit of a Newsies phase five years ago, but haven’t watched it in a … Continue reading

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