Saturday Snapshot: Bad Wolf

My photo for this week is not impressive from a photography standpoint, but there is a fun story to it.

Doctor Who fans will know that “Bad Wolf” is a recurring phrase throughout the first few seasons of the new series.  It’s something that shows up in random places and in the backgrounds of scenes—like in graffiti.

So I was quite excited to see it scratched into a table at a restaurant.  That particular table is a big one in the back covered with random carvings and graffiti—none of the other tables are like that, so I have to assume the management gave approval at some point!  There are probably lots of references to different topics if I looked for them, but the “Bad Wolf” one excited me—because it’s graffiti of something that was, in its original form, graffiti…it’s like a double reference.

The first time I noticed the carving I was in the restaurant for a meeting of a Sci Fi Book Exchange, and I did not, alas, have a camera (though I was with people who understood my sudden exclamation).  Fortunately I was back a few weeks later with my book club, just after viewing the recent solar eclipse, and had my camera ready to go.  I hit a snag, though, because the table was occupied; there was a group there playing Magic.

I debated whether to ask them to move their game boards so I could take a picture, and finally decided…if there was ever a group likely to understand why I wanted to snap a picture of “Bad Wolf” graffiti, this was probably it, right?  So I asked, and they were gracious and didn’t look at me like I was crazy, and I got my picture.

And no, it’s not impressive photography.  But it’s graffiti of Doctor Who graffiti!  Either someone was very clever, or the Doctor and Rose came through for lunch one day.

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Bad Wolf

  1. That is very cool! I used to love Doctor Who but somehow lost touch through the years. The Daleks and that God-like person whose name I can’t remember were my favourites. The God-like guy could meddle with time-space but he wasn’t a Time Lord. He was hilarious, though. At least I thought so.

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