Blog Hop: From Screen to Page

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Do you read tie-in novels to movies or television series? If so, which ones?


I have been known to read books based upon the universes of TV shows or movies–I put it that way deliberately, because I only read ones that are novels in their own right.  I’ve never been very interested in companion books that are only retelling or commenting upon the screen story.

I’ve read great swathes of books in the Star Trek universe (almost exclusively TOS) and the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  To large extent, my mental conception of those worlds and their major characters are actually shaped more by the books than by the screen versions.  Separated from the sometimes cheesy acting of the TV show, or the complete disruption of the recent movies, it’s the Captain Kirk of the books that I really love.  And I’m deeply invested in the romance of Leia and Han as portrayed in the Expanded Universe (stable and supportive), and particularly in the later lives of Leia (Jedi, diplomat, leader of the New Republic, wife, mother of three) and Luke (founder of the New Jedi Order).  The seeds are on the screen, but all this is so much more developed in the books.

This creates some complications, of course, when the powers that be go back to the screen and disregard the books.  This happened rather famously recently with Star Wars, but has happened with Star Trek too, contradicting specific books (like Federation and Prime Directive, both disrupted at one go through First Contact).  I’m very comfortable, however, keeping the book version in my head as the “proper” story (for me, at least) and the screen version as an alternate universe.

Outside of those two particularly vigorous book tie-in series, I’ve also read a few Doctor Who novels…but those tend to be a bit simpler than I want in books, so my preference here is very specific–audiobooks only, and only the ones about the 10th Doctor read by David Tennant.  Because…David Tennant!  Reading the Doctor!  It’s kind of halfway to a TV episode right there.

I’ve also held onto two Smallville novels from my high school fondness for the show, and I have the complete Hercules: The Legendary Journeys novel series…which is only four books–but they’re good ones.  I also read a lot of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch novels in high school.  I can’t claim those are mostly high quality (not bad for the target age, but not great literature) but though I’ve culled that collection dramatically over the years, I still have several on my shelf for sentimental fondness.

I think that covers it.  Star Trek and Star Wars are the big ones…but those are the big powerhouse fandoms, so it’s not too surprising!

TV Review: Doctor Who – The River Song Saga

River 4We recently finished out a wonderful season of Doctor Who with a Christmas episode featuring the delightful, mysterious and intriguing River Song.  Because of that appearance, and maybe because I didn’t quite want to walk away from the Doctor just yet, I embarked on some rewatching–specifically, of what I’m calling The River Song Saga.

For non-fans, River’s place in the Who universe requires some explanation.  She’s a recurring character who is very important to the Doctor…but frequently we (and he) are not quite sure how or, most vitally, when.  It’s time travel, and River and the Doctor are moving opposite directions through time.  So the first time the Doctor (and we) met River, she knew everything about him.  As he moves forward in time, he learns more but she knows less and less…and the same thing happens from her perspective, that he knows less about her each time they meet.

Following so far?  🙂  As the episodes aired, we moved through time from the Doctor’s perspective.  So on this re-watch, I thought it would be fun to try to watch them from River’s perspective.  This would no doubt be utterly confusing if I didn’t know the total arc, but I wanted to see what that arc looked like as River lived it.  So this post obviously will contain, as River herself would say, spoilers.  And it’s going to be a long one!

River 1

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Blog Hop: Bookmarks

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Do you use bookmarks? If so, do you match them to the book you’re reading or do you use random scraps of paper?

I have a bookmark collection, and have been mostly using the same ones for ten years or so.  They’re all home-made, and I remade some just a  few months ago because they were getting rather tattered around the corners.

My bookmark collection, essentially, reflects some of my very favorite characters…

Bookmarks (1)Mostly, it’s the characters I wrote stories about in my fanfiction days–and so they continue to live in my head (and the books I read) in a way that other much beloved characters do not.  The exception to that rule is the Doctor Who bookmark, which I created new when I was refurbishing the others.  That’s also my only two-sided bookmark…

Bookmarks (3)When I’m thinking about it, I like to match characters to the book I’m reading (a couple of recent reads involving Rome were definite Kirk books, for instance, while Peter Pan usually lands in the kids books).  But I don’t always think about it, and end up using the same one for weeks!

Do you have favorite bookmarks you like to use?  Any particular habits around them?

Book Review: Who Is The Doctor?

I may have reached a new geek achievement by reading Who Is The Doctor? by Graeme Burns and Robert Smith? [sic – I don’t get the question mark in his name at all]. Billed as the “unofficial guide to Doctor Who: The New Series” it’s an exhaustive look at each episode of the first six seasons (series, for the Brits) of Doctor Who.

First of all, there is no point in reading this unless you’ve seen the episodes. As River Song would say: spoilers! And also, I can’t imagine this would be very interesting. 🙂 This isn’t a collection of essays about the themes of the show, the development of characters, behind-the-scenes stories, etc, which might be of interest to a fan who had seen some of the show, or was simply interested in the show in general. Instead, it’s a (sometimes overly) detailed discussion of each individual episode, with mini-essays on each episode…so it does end up covering most of the above, just in a way that’s probably much better if you know what episodes they’re talking about. Continue reading “Book Review: Who Is The Doctor?”

Saturday Snapshot: Comic Con, Scarf Edition

In my last two Saturday Snapshots, I shared photos of celebrity sightings at the Wizard World Convention.  No more celebrities this week, but I have been promising a picture of my completed Doctor Who scarf being worn…and since I wore it all day at Comic Con (and never tripped!–so proud), it was a perfect photo opportunity too.

WizardCon (1)Visit West Metro Mommy for more Saturday Snapshots–and have a great weekend!