Saturday Snapshot: Bumper Stickers

My current car is the first one I haven’t shared (well, borrowed from parents, really), so when it became mine I decided to personalize!  Then I spent a few months not able to commit to any bumper stickers I saw in shops.  Is any random joke really that clever to stick on my car for years?  Finally I went online, and here’s what I ended up with…

When I bought “I’d rather be sailing the high seas with Captain Jack,” I of course meant Captain Jack Sparrow–and mostly I do still mean him, because he’s one of my favorite characters ever.  But if Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who invited me on a voyage, I’d go with him too!

As to being haunted by the Phantom of the Opera…that seems to say it so well.  He’s lived in my head for years.

The “Perform Random Acts of Shakespeare” one has prompted people to ask me if I’m in theatre.  I’m not–but I like Shakespeare.  And I quote him frequently.

The Starfleet emblem should be pretty self-explanatory.  And as to “Coexist” I do believe in coexisting, on a lot of levels; I wanted something different than the blue sticker everyone else has.  And space–it’s pretty amazing.

I felt like I could commit to all of these, because the most recent interest represented here is the Phantom–and that’s going on eight years.  So I’m pretty sure I’m not going to wind up turning away from any of these and regretting the sticker!

Anyone else have a cool bumper sticker?  Or do you remember seeing a fun one?

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20 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Bumper Stickers

  1. ensign_beedrill

    All good choices. It would seem that there are a lot of Captain Jacks!

    I’m not really the type to put bumper stickers on my car. I don’t know. I guess it’s something that was sort of instilled in my by my mom. She used to say “I don’t need any bumper stickers. Anything I need to say is already right there on the license plate: Texas truck.”

    When I got my first car, though, it was a little maroon Subaru Outback cutest little thing. And that car was just too cute not to put a decal on, despite my decal trepidation. I got one in big friendly letters that said WHOOP! and had an attached A&M logo. (Whoop is an Aggie expression of approval.) It was just perfect for me and my attitude and that particular car. That’s me all over. WHOOP and HOWDY!

  2. I’ve never had a bumper sticker, nor have my parents. They used to tape the school honor society ones inside the window. Since my husband is equally anti-bumper sticker I’ve just never bothered. If I had one I’d definitely want the Star Trek emblem as well as something Doctor Who, and maybe a fun literary quote from the Gilmore Girls (combining two in one would be nice).

  3. No bumper stickers on my car. I do like the Starfleet emblem but my husband probably wouldn’t appreciate it on the car if he was driving. He’s just not into scifi.

  4. Diane

    Mine says, “America – nation of immigrants.”. It was the first thing I ever bought on-line many years ago. It’s been on my car for years. It reflects what I do – immigration lawyer – and, incidentally, has helped me find my car in crowded parking lots a time or two! 🙂

  5. LOL.. I wouldn’t use Bumper Stickers on my new cars, but my old ones back in the day had unmemorable ones. I do remember seeing some that said If you can read this you’re too close.. but if I saw them today I wouldn’t really be able to read them because I’m not wearing my glasses like I should be. If I had a car that wasn’t $45k maybe I would do something bookish as well for a sticker.
    Like Darcy related..
    I’d love it if you would stop by and come see my pic for today.

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