Saturday Snapshot: First and Last Books

I thought I’d share a couple of recent book purchases this week.

A Tale of Time City is one of the first Diana Wynne Jones books I ever read, and oddly enough, is the first of her books I’ve deliberately set out to buy.  I’ve read many, many of her books, but all from the library, and the only ones I own are ones I happened to stumble on at a library book sale, or got as a gift.  My collection is woefully small, and I thought I’d better do something about that–so I started by buying this lovely new edition of one of my favorites.

The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery is my last L. M. Montgomery book.  I have read and own every other published book of her writing.  Novels, short stories, poetry, letters, journals, autobiography–I have it all.  This is the last one.  At least, until someone, somewhere, somehow decides to publish the 200-odd additional short stories that exist in an archive but are not currently available.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to have a bittersweet read through the last new-to-me book of L. M. Montgomery writing. Although the name makes me laugh–having read everything else, I’ve read her journals where she commented that she didn’t like having her full name written out.  Now I’m always amused when people do that!

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20 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: First and Last Books

  1. I know she didn’t like “Lucy” at all, and preferred Maud — the opposite of what I’d expect but then, it was a different time! I think it is interesting that what so many authors think of as their best work (as LMM seemed to of her poetry) is the work that doesn’t really hold up in future. Conan Doyle also thought his historical novels were better than the Sherlock Holmes stories, but we all know which ones have lasted!

    1. It is funny how an author’s opinion often doesn’t match general opinion. I know The Story-Girl was her favorite of her books (at least at the time she wrote it), but it’s never appealed to me as much as many of her others!

  2. dianem57

    Maybe she didn’t want people to know she was a woman writer, at least until she got more established. I guess there was a point when she got pretty famous, though. Maybe she also just didn’t like her given names.

  3. I haven’t read any Diana Wynne Jones, but have her in the TBR. Well done for completing your collection of LM Montgomery. I’ve read the first few Anne books, but certainly not the whole series.

  4. I had no idea L.M. Montgomery wrote poetry. I’m head over heels about the Anne series and I’ve read some of her other books and enjoyed them. I’ll have to check that out.

  5. My book club just decided to spend 2013 reading Montgomery’s Anne series but I did not know about this book of poetry. We need to add it to our list as well. Thanks for sharing!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  6. I do that with authors I especially like, too. There’s just something so comforting having their books nearby on my own shelf, even if I’ve already read them.

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