Blog Hop: Long Languishing Books

Today’s blog hop is hosted by The Fake Steph, and the question is:

Is there a book that has been languishing on your TBR pile even though you spent months anticipating its release?

I can honestly say I don’t–technically–do this.  People who have seen my bookcases probably won’t believe me when I say this, but I am extremely selective about what books I buy.  Unless I really trust an author, I rarely ever buy a book that I haven’t already read.  So I rarely end up with much anticipated books actually in my house that I don’t get to for ages.  I get unread ones sometimes, but they tend to be gifts or ridiculously cheap impulse buys, or something from a book swap.

But I am guilty of the spirit of this.  I see a book, or hear of a book that’s coming out, get deeply excited…and then don’t actually read it for months or even years.  I don’t know why that is, so if someone has a theory, I’d love to hear it!  My best guess is that there are just too many books, and I get sidetracked.  Or I’m somehow waiting for the “right” moment.

And then sometimes I’m not sure about reading a book…but it just stays in the back of my mind as one I ought to read some time.  Pirates! by Celia Rees was one of those.  I saw it in bookstores and the library for years, and kept thinking I ought to read it (because, I mean–pirates!)  This was one that languished on my pile.  I saw it at a book swap, got quite excited, brought it home…and didn’t actually read it for months.  When I finally did, it was good, although I didn’t love it enough to keep it.

I do think a factor may be that there’s just always another book.  So the To Be Read list is not so much a pile, as a line…and it takes some time for books to get to the front!

Anyone else see this in their own reading?  Anyone with a theory on why we don’t just read the books we get excited about?

8 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Long Languishing Books

  1. Is there ever? I got new shelves up in my reading room and in the SF/F section alone I’ve counted 78 (out of 121) books that I bought (though a few are gifts) because I was either excited about reading them or was seduced by the cover art/story summary and they are all languishing. I’m hoping though that having them right across from my chair, in my direct line of sight, will make it more likely that I’ll get to them sooner rather than later.

    1. That’s a clever idea…books in the line of sight do somehow become more intriguing. When I go to the library to write, I have to sit in a section I’m *not* interested in, or else I end up fascinated by titles and wind up with a stack of books to check out!

  2. It takes me longer to read now than it did years ago. I have a one year old living with me but I do hope you enjoy it if you ever get to read it. Happy Reading!

  3. I like the idea of “to be read” books in a line instead of a pile. That’s definitely how mine are. And, with my busy work and volunteering schedule, it can take a book a long time (longer than I’d like) to get to the front of my line. 🙂

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