Saturday Snapshot: Presidential Statues

With the Inauguration this past week, I thought it would be fun to focus a Saturday Snapshot on past presidents, using photos from my trip to Washington D.C.  I didn’t get pictures of any living presidents, but there were lots of good statues!

Presidents (1)The Lincoln Memorial was the one I most wanted to see, maybe because it shows up the most often in books and movies–and I have this thing about visiting places I’ve read about.  It’s a beautiful monument and, as the inscription says, it feels very much like a temple, despite its essentially secular nature.

Presidents (3)Jefferson is another one with a temple, that beautiful round marble space, and with such a hushed, reverent…well, temple feel.  I’ve been meaning to read a biography of Jefferson ever since I visited…eventually I’ll get on that.

Presidents (2)There’s an outdoor monument for Roosevelt.  I love that he’s shone with his “little dog, Fala.”  Thanks to YouTube, you can see a wonderfully funny speech Roosevelt gave about Fala.

Presidents (4)And speaking of funny, I am probably far too amused by this Roman-style, shirtless George Washington in the Smithsonian.  I just have this general impression that in life, no one saw Washington shirtless, except for Martha–maybe! 😀

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16 Responses to Saturday Snapshot: Presidential Statues

  1. Me upon seeing that last one: is that… Geroge Washington… shirtless? Oh my gosh it is. Oh dear.

  2. Louise says:

    Great idea for a post. I’ve been to the Lincoln Memorial- even as a non-American it was a great place to visit.

  3. Brona says:

    We saw a preview of the movie Lincoln yesterday – it was wonderful. No wonder you have such a magnificent memorial for the man.

  4. I had similar thoughts when I saw that statue of Washington last year. 🙂 It doesn’t seem like the stately dignified old man in the portraits.

  5. irene says:

    Great trip, I missed George shirtless too.

  6. storygal says:

    Perhaps I’ll have to look into Canadian humour for another week, what do you think? Thanks for sharing your pics and the humorous video. I liked that Fala resented the tax.

  7. Eugenia says:

    That was a funny clip about Fala! And his deadpan delivery was just great!

  8. Ginny says:

    I have never seen George Washington quite like that. A bit undignified for him, but very funny.

  9. The first ones are very impressive – not sure about that statue of George Washington though! My Snapshot is at

  10. Nice sequence of shots♫ Statues make great subjects, they rarely move♫♪

  11. Washington gets ripped? I think that’s my favorite. I also followed your link and watched Roosevelt’s speech about Fala. Fun to see his teasing humorous side. And how beloved he was. Thanks so much for a great post.

  12. trish says:

    Washington looked pretty ripped, too! Wow. He’d be handsome if it weren’t for that wig lol.

  13. I have always wanted to see the Lincoln one. My favorite of the presidents.

  14. Susan says:

    I have almost the exact same photo of the Lincoln Memorial shot … probably like so many other visitors, huh? The Jefferson Memorial is one of my fave spots in DC … I love the view back toward the Mall and the city … so removed and tranquil. Poor George … may have been an honor to be portrayed as a Roman statesman, but I’m sure his dignity would have been ruffled a bit …

  15. dianem57 says:

    Great photos! The statue of Washington is pretty funny, though I’m sure back in the day it was meant as a tribute. I highly doubt he posed for it. 😉

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