Favorites Friday: Authors I’d Like to Meet

Book Expo America is going on this weekend, and lots of lucky, lucky bloggers (or ones who planned carefully and put effort in to make it happen…) are attending.  I’m not attending (maybe one of these years!) but reading everyone else’s updates has me thinking about which authors I’d most like to meet.

Oddly enough, they aren’t necessarily my top favorite authors.  Some, like Robin McKinley, would horribly intimidate me, and others, like Susan Kay, would just send me into spinning babbles about how much I love their book(s).  But here are a few I would love to meet, and imagine that I could live to tell the tale without too much embarrassment!

Geraldine McCaughrean tops the list, because I once wrote her a letter and got the most amazing, personal letter back.  She obviously read and valued my letter, and wrote a genunine response in reply–if any part of it was a form, I couldn’t tell.  So I almost feel as though we’ve already met.

Tamora Pierce probably would send me into babbles about how her books changed my life, but they were so very life-changing that I think it would be worth any resulting embarrassment.  Besides, I have a really good story to tell her.  I met one of my best friends because we were both reading Pierce’s books in a high school class, and that gave us the courage to start talking to each other.  I feel like gushing babbles are a bit more okay when you actually have something unique to say…

Neil Gaiman is never likely to top any favorite authors lists for me–I like his books quite a bit, but…we all have our favorites.  However, everything I hear, and as far as I can tell from his Twitter, is that he’s just the coolest of authors to meet.  Very nice, very friendly, graciously poses for pictures…  He is at BEA this year.  Ah well.

Gail Carson Levine writes a lovely blog with writing advice, and on the whole just seems so friendly and pleasant that I don’t think she’d scare me a bit in person (unlike some blogging authors!)   I consider her Ella Enchanted to be a literary ancestor to some of my own writing, and if I can get an accurate judge from her blog, I think she’d like hearing that.

Nicholas Meyer is the most random one here–but he directed Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, AND wrote The Canary Trainer, a Phantom of the Opera/Sherlock Holmes crossover.  What other author is going to hit on so many of my interests?  His Phantom retelling is the only one I’ve found that makes the Phantom less sympathetic than Leroux and, given the opportunity, I’d quite like to ask about the thought process behind that…

At the moment I don’t have any plans of meeting any of these authors, but I do keep my eye out for signings.  If it ever happens, you’ll hear about it!  In the meantime, what living authors would you like to meet?  We’ll get to the dead ones another week!

9 thoughts on “Favorites Friday: Authors I’d Like to Meet

  1. I’d like to meet Margaret Mitchell, who wrote Gone With the Wind, but it’s too late for that! I’d also like to meet Gretchen Rubin , who wrote The Happiness Project and has a blog. I’d like to find out from her what is her secret to doing so many interesting projects at once. I feel that I am a pretty organized person, but the number of things she accomplishes boggle my mind. 🙂

  2. Neil Gaiman is coming to my area in late June, so I’m looking forward to one of those signature hugs and pics. I haven’t read tons of his work, but I like what I’ve read, and I’m keen to read his ne one: The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

    Great choices!

  3. In addition to Neil Gaimon, I’d like to meet Dean Koontz, Simon R Green, Marcia Mueller, Susanna Kearsley, J D Robb (yes I know she’s really Nora Roberts), Elizabeth Peters (Amelia Peabody series) and J K Rowling. I got to meet James Rollins before I started writing seriously. Very nice author who really enjoys meeting his fans! I love that he creates different symbols for each of his books – I know because he signed several of my books. 🙂

  4. Great list. I would also love to meet Neil Gaiman, though I probably would be a babbling mess. I haven’t finished reading any of his books, yet, but he does seem very cool. Plus, he freaken hot!

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