Saturday Snapshot: Book Haul

Last weekend, I attended my library’s Warehouse Sale, which is exactly what it sounds like–they open up their warehouse and sell books for truly excellent prices.  And I brought home an excellent haul…

Book HaulThe big find was a set of seven volumes of O. Henry short stories, from 1919.  They’re a little yellowed, but in good condition for 94 years old!

In the other stack, The Giver is a wonderfully chilling, insightful book.  Children of the Jedi is one I read earlier in the year for the Sci Fi Experience, and Half Magic is a lovely fantasy.  In movies, I’ve been meaning to buy Bridge to Terabithia forEVER, and I’ve recently become somewhat obsessed with Before Sunrise, so both were particularly good finds!  Bagthorpes Haunted by Helen Cresswell is part of a hilarious series I’ve been slowly collecting over the course of various Warehouse Sales.

That bottom book, Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera, may seem a little odd if you know me well…I already have two copies (one good translation, one bad), plus a copy I can’t read in the original French.  BUT–this is the Barnes and Noble edition, which just recently I heard has an excellent introduction with background on the Paris Opera House (thank you, Carl).  So I bought another copy for the sake of the introduction.

And the grand total for it all…$22.50.  A new hardback could cost that much by itself.  This is why I love the Warehouse Sale.  The difficulty, of course, is where to put all these books–but that’s a topic for another week!

Have a great weekend, and visit West Metro Mommy for more Saturday Snapshots!

15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Book Haul

  1. What a great haul! (And a great price for it!) I was quite impressed with how “Bridge to Terabithia” translated some of the elements of the book to a movie format. Have you read the book before?

    1. I have! I loved the book, so I was even more impressed that I liked the movie. It’s so hard to make a good movie out of a good book, but I thought they translated it very well.

  2. Wow! That is a great deal for the number and quality of books you found. I’m impressed that you got all the O. Henry books together as a collection – they weren’t divided up so that one or more was missing. Very fortuitous!

  3. Wow, what a great price for a great haul! I want to read Phantom sometime, and I’ve read The Giver but don’t have a copy so getting one for cheap would be great! Also, your last post about O. Henry stories piqued my interest in his work!

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