Saturday Snapshot: New Scarf

I’ve mentioned knitting projects a few times before, and they always make a good thing to share for Saturday Snapshot…  I finished my most recent project on Thanksgiving, which was perfect timing for wearing it to family gatherings–and for a sudden cold snap we’ve had this week!

Purple ScarfThis isn’t the most accurate of pictures, as it’s more purple in life, and not so sparkly–but I thought it was a cool shot anyway.  My next scarf will probably take until next winter, as the plan involves seven different colors and will be 14 feet long…perhaps something to share another Saturday? 🙂

Have a nice weekend, and visit West Metro Mommy for more Saturday Snapshots!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: New Scarf

  1. Purple/blues are always hard to photograph. I love the speckled appearance. And well done on finishing one, I haven’t made a scarf since I was a teenager I think.

  2. joyweesemoll

    Looks gorgeous. I love the white flecks and stripes. My purples always come out blue in photographs, too. We have a purple couch and I can never get it to look right in photos!

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