Saturday Snapshot: Celebrity Sightings at Comic Con

Last weekend, Wizard World put on a convention in my city–and I and many other geeks turned out to browse merchandise and watch celebrity interviews.  Naturally I brought along my camera…so naturally I thought of sharing some photos with you!

WizardCon (2)First presentation was by Michael Rosenbaum…who you might recognize more easily if you imagine him without hair.  He’s best-known as Smallville‘s Lex Luthor.  He was brilliant in-person, doing his entire presentation from the center aisle.

WizardCon (4)I was much farther away from Bruce Campbell, who I know best as Autolycus from Hercules and Xena, but apparently he’s far better-known for other things…or so I’ve been told.  All I know is that the horror fans at my writing group found Campbell to be the most exciting celebrity guest.

But my most exciting guest was…

WizardCon (5)…Mr. William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself!  He gave a hilarious, rambling interview (discussing, for instance, the precise meaning of the phrase “larger than life”).  He also allowed me to complete my set of celebrity sightings–with the exception of the late DeForrest Kelly, I’ve now seen every regular cast member from Star Trek: The Original Series.  Achievement unlocked! 😀

More photos next week, this time for the Star Wars fans…

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Celebrity Sightings at Comic Con

  1. Impressive that you’ve seen every Original Series cast member! I’ve seen William Shatner (and yes, he does love to ramble, lol), George Takaei, Nichelle Nichols, and Walter Koeing. I think Walter is the most normal of the bunch, ha ha. I would love to see Leonard Nimoy, but that seems pretty unlikely since he’s retired from doing conventions. 😦

  2. readerbuzz

    We used to go to Star Trek conventions when we were young. We managed to see the whole crew at one or the other. Glad to see you had a great time!

  3. Great shots. Looks like you got pretty close to William Shatner, or did you use some sort of zoom lens? The conventions sounds like fun, and the celebrities seem to have put some thought into their presentations, which makes it much better than just a straight “Q&A” session with the usual fan questions.

  4. My son has always wanted to attend one of these, and I’m sure he would have like Lex Luther with hair too, and Bruce well what can I say, they love him. That’s quite an accomplishment seeing all the Star Trek guys. good for youl

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