Blog Hop: Gathering for Book Discussion

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: If you are in a book club, where do you meet? A restaurant, someone’s home, the library?

I am in a book club!  We’re a pretty laid-back one, we read a variety of books, and usually the conversation turns towards Star Wars at some point.  One of my favorite conversations?  A semi-serious one about the best weapon to use against zombies, and the decision was for lightsabers.  Clearly, I know awesome people. 🙂

I’ve been in this book club for…long enough that I’ve lost track.  I think about four years?  Currently we meet at a restaurant on a Monday night, for dinner and book discussion.  Over the years we’ve also done coffee shops and parks, which both worked pretty well too (well, the parks are only good some parts of the year…)  The public location is nice when we want to encourage new people to join, and we’ve never had problems with loud venues–or being too loud ourselves.

I’m also in a writing group, and we meet weekly at a pizza place.

Anyone else in a book club?  How do you handle meetings?

3 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Gathering for Book Discussion

  1. I’m not in a book club either, but I’m hoping to find one soon that’s not already closed to new members, hard in the part of the world I’ve moved to; where I was I’d never even come across anyone who was in one! On the other hand, I’m on the management committee for a newly formed Friends of the local library — does that count? No? Ah well…

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