Author Event: Book Signing!

A few weeks ago, I was very honored to have my first book signing!  Collaborating with two author friends, we held a signing at a local book store.

All three of us had a fantastic time, and it was so great to see all the people who came out to support and buy books.  We had a busy store and very happy authors. 🙂

And of course I brought a camera!



Book Signing CroppedThe lovely ladies with me are R. A. Gates, author of Pucker Up, with a heroine setting out to wake a sleeping prince, and The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers, a hilarious take on the zombie apocalypse (sort of); and K. D. Blakely, author of the Chimera Chronicles, about five friends exploring a magical land, with the first three books out (and two to come).  I highly recommend their books to my fantasy-loving readers!

And I trust you already know about my books, The Wanderers, with a snarky talking cat and some twists on fairy tales, and The Storyteller and Her Sisters, retelling the “Twelve Dancing Princesses.”

In other author news…well, stay tuned and I should have an announcement soon about the next book in my fairy tale series!

3 thoughts on “Author Event: Book Signing!

  1. dianem57

    It was a wonderful event! I was excited to be there, to see you and to meet the other authors. The bookstore where it was held was quite charming and perfect for a book signing. Well done!

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