Exploring My Bookshelves…in the Springtime

Exploring My Bookshelves For EveryoneAddlepates and Book Nerds have another fun topic this week for Exploring My Bookshelves!  Each Friday, bloggers are invited to post a picture of their bookshelf, and write in response to a prompt about said-bookshelf.

Today’s prompt is…a story that takes place in the spring.

I thought about this for a moment, and realized it was a splendid opportunity to talk about my favorite author!


It’s not strictly accurate to say that L.M. Montgomery’s stories take place in the spring…most of the novels extend over at least a year, the short stories could be any season, and the seven big volumes of her journal span 53 years.  However!  If there’s any author on my shelves who waxes lyrical about the springtime, it’s Montgomery.  And since thinking of her books conjures up images of green fields, cherry trees in bloom and wildflowers, they feel like they’re set in the spring.

My Montgomery collection spilled into its own bookcase a few years ago…and then spilled out beyond it.  Everything in the bookcase is Montgomery’s writing (novels, short stories, poetry, letters, journals…) and I’ve stacked the biographies and critical analysis alongside.

I’m a slightly passionate fan… 😉  But how can I not love a writer who embodies cherry blossoms and wildflowers?

2 thoughts on “Exploring My Bookshelves…in the Springtime

  1. dianem57

    Wow! A whole bookcase for your favorite author. That’s pretty cool. I don’t have enough books by any author to do THAT. 🙂 You are definitely a true fan.

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