Could I Have Some More, Please?

I was hunting for a bookish topic for this week, and as I often do, I went looking through the archives of Top Ten Tuesday from the Broke and the Bookish.  Which led me to one of their past topics: authors I want another book from!

1) L. M. Montgomery, because, obviously–I’ve run out!  But I’d settle for someone publishing the 200 unpublished short stories sitting out of reach in an archive (they’re real, and they’re unpublished!)

2) Edgar Rice Burroughs, not because I’ve run out of his or because I would expect anything new or innovative in one more novel, but–because he never finished John Carter and the Skeleton Men of Jupiter.  I don’t want a new novel from him, I want that new novel. And similarly…

3) William Shakespeare. Love’s Labors Won, anyone?  A play, not a novel, but close enough.

4) Harper Lee, but only in a perfect world where her second novel was not that terrible book I prefer to pretend doesn’t exist.

5) Terry Pratchett, because…Terry Pratchett!  And even though the last Discworld book was satisfying, even though there are others by him I still haven’t read, it still makes me sad that there will be no more new ones.

6) Diana Wynne Jones, because she was the first author who died while I was actively following her work.  And I am sad there will be no more new ones from her.

7) Susan Kay, because she only wrote two and one of them was Phantom and my favorite book ever, so what else might she write?

8) Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who wrote three wonderful classic Star Trek books, then went off and wrote a bunch with William Shatner that I didn’t like as well.  I’d love to see another one that’s just them.

9) Tamora Pierce, because her last book came out in 2013, and we’ve been waiting ever since for her next Tortall book, which has an ever-receding publishing date (some time 2017, currently).

10) Robin McKinley, because her last book came out in 2013, and we’re still waiting for her promised sequel to Pegasus.  From what I can gather from reading her blog, she’d quite like to have a new book out too.

What author would you like to see another book from?  Do you have hope it will happen, or is it just a wish?

2 thoughts on “Could I Have Some More, Please?

  1. Dennis

    I wish we could get a few more books from the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. He wrote his classic trilogy, then a few decades later wrote sequels and prequels that united his Foundation and Robot series. But the Foundation was predicted to last a thousand years before it was replaced by the New Empire, and Dr. Asimov died with several hundred years left to go. HIs family hired another writer to add to the series, but you could tell after only a few pages that it lacked the same vision. So I don’t really have any hope, Someone could complete the series, but it wouldn’t replicate Asimov’s universe.

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